Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentine Swap 2017

 Don't you think Valentine swaps are fun? I sure do. Vivian had a nice big swap year That I signed up for and my partner was Cindy from Prairies Edge Farm.
 Prairies Exdge Farm
 She made a beautiful pin cushion with a hankie flap. I love it!
  She also made fantastic. Card and tags that are like snow globes with glitter in them! And lots of book marks and paper tags! Pencils and candy!
I also made fun Valentines for her!
Here they are.

I had so much fun making home made Valentine's crafts. Thank you Vivian for being the best hostess! Head onover to Vivians blogViv's blog Viv on a Whim to see more.
Also, I apologize for this not being a very well posted blog post, but my computer is down so I had to use phone and it was not easy!
Blessings and Happy Valentine's Day.


  1. Just when I thought I had seen all the Valentines Day cuteness there could be, you make this post. Love it. The vintagey and handmade feel of these beauties really make my little heart pitter patter, even though they aren't for me! I got a couple good ideas too, since I STILL have not made my valentine for my husband. I better get on that pretty quick! One more cup of coffee might get me started, I hope! Take care Susie.

    1. Making Valentines is so much fun! It really let's you get your imagination going. I hope you enjoyed making your sweet Valentine one! Thanks for stopping by Julie.

  2. Sweet valentines and so creative. Looks like fun packages exchanged. Good to see you Susie. Happy valentines Day!

    1. Yes it sure is fun! I loved doing this swap. Thank you so much for stopping over!

  3. I just caught wind of the swap after the deadline had ended...poo... so I decided to have a swap with some of my friends! It worked out fine.. now we are having a Saint Patricks day swap too lol

    1. You are? That sure sounds fun. Thank you got visiting!

  4. Hi Susie,
    It is so good to see you in blog land. Valentines swaps are the best. You both made so much cuteness.


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