Monday, August 27, 2012

Good Eggs and Good Jam

Today both of my children are in school, hubby has gone to work and here is the beginning of this next little time in my life. The summer has been quick and I am not ready for it to start winding down. I am that mom that is so happy when her kids are on break, not the one that can't wait until they go back. I often wonder why moms feel that way?

The yard is dry and the allergens are kicking in again. Colorado is a beautiful area to live in when Fall comes. Hubby was helping get the Little Red Barn all cleaned out and ready for winter again. We needed to repaint the wooden floors. He will have to work on some new roosts that I want changed for making it easier to get in and out of this winter. Boy he is nice to do this for me! Here is a little of the mess that was inside that needs to find another place. Why did we put that in the coop?

Junk outside my little barn that needs put somewhere else!
I have a little nursery side I love to brood the chicks in. It is just perfect. Chicken wire is attached to the framed wall;  to see through to the other chickens that already are here. I decided to order some more chicks this fall, as soon as we get things ready for them.

 I wintered over the babies last year and I found that I love doing it in the fall instead of the traditional Spring. Mainly because Fall here is like Summer, and Spring is like Winter. It is so much easier to keep them warm those first few weeks of life! By the time Spring comes they are very acclimated to each other and they get along pretty well with out all the barnyard squabbling that can go on.

I let my chickens free-range most of the summer. Yes, that means that a few have mysteriously vanished. But they are so much happier and healthier. 

They also have a nice sized fenced in run that gives them plenty of well protected outdoor time.
The eggs that they produce are so rich and yummy! Nobody can ever get enough of them. I always have people that want these fresh eggs! I can't blame them, nothing like those sold at the grocery store!

My girls under the Choke Cherries. There favorite spot!
We had a bumper crop of Wild Choke Cherries on our property this year.

Choke Cherry fruit on my bushes.

 I went ahead and made two batches of jam, left the rest for the birds. I had enough to make 100 batches! I kinda wished I had made more than two batches , but there is always next year! Now my wild plums are doing great, and just turning ripe this week! I see some more Jam making on the horizon
My Choke Cherries

Speaking of Jam. Donna at Donna's Lavender Nest and I decided it would be fun to trade a jar of jam. So she sent me this wonderful jar of Peach Jam and I sent her a jar of mine! Oh, gosh it is so good! She is such a sweety, do you know she even slipped in this amazing fabric. It has red on white polka dots and strawberry and cherry bunches printed on it!!!

Man she knows what I like! I still have to figure out the perfect thing to do with this! Thanks so much , Donna!

I tell you, fresh preserves and fresh eggs! Breakfast just couln't get any better!

Thank you so much for all your prayers and good wishes for my healing time. I do still have a ways to go, yet I can manage to get a little time on the computer every now and again. Love to visit you all when I can.  Please leave me comment and say hi!

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Bless My Blog Buddies

Hello! I am so pleased to have so many wonderful friends here that read my blog. You have all been such a huge blessing to me. I just want you all to know I am taking a short break, but not going away. Life has its times that are filled with unexpected turns. I am going through one now. I will need time to rest and heal, but when I am back I will be pleased to share again. Hopefully, it will be sooner than later. Until then, keep having fun between you. Keep smiling every day.
God bless you,
Little Susie Home Maker

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pekingese Surprise & Holt Rooster Cups

Don't you just love getting packages in the mail? A surprise from a friend, or maybe something you ordered. I know many of you love swaps!! I just had that wonderful feeling. The mailman left a package at the door, and I just felt so excited to open it up right away!

My sweet friend Erica from Golden Egg Vintage is a real Vintage Junkie! Can I call you that Erica? She posted how she was wanting to give her readers first chance on some seriously cute Christmas vintage items. Because I am in so much need of more Christmas items, of course I had to get a box!

Erica also has a  really charming Etsy Store. You must visit her shop. I did, and I also ordered some Holt 1961 Rooster mugs from her. They are just the right color and theme for my kitchen taste! I love anything that has to do with Chicken's since I am the local Egg Lady with my own hen's that lay wonderful eggs.

Because Erica is just one of the kindest people you could know, she had something she had picked up for me because it reminded her of me. She just knew I would love it, and gave it to me as a really fun gift!
A Peek-A-Knees Puppy!!!

Great play on words, and this is vintage fun that is just right for me! My little Baby Bear is a Pekingese, you may have seen him featured here in my blog before. He is just the sweetest loving doggy I have ever had. He brings me so much joy! The picture of this (not quite as sexy gal as me) just looks so in adoration of her Peek-A-Knees!

Thanks so much Erica. It is amazing how well you know me! I have been looking for Pekingese things and I tell you all, they are rare!  But Erica found this for me and I thank her so much for her kindness. Not only is it Pekingese like Bear, but it is a Vintage Pin-Up!! How cool is that?

I had so much fun opening my box! It was like a Christmas morning for sure! I hope you enjoyed this Peek and my package, too!

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