Saturday, February 23, 2013

Baby Chicks Anyone

Hi everyone!! I sure hope that you are all having a great Winter! I was planning last Fall to winter over some baby chicks and have them at egg laying age by the time Summer came.

Well, I had some really weird vertigo problems and keeping chicks just wasn't in the cards. So this Spring I will be looking into some new fresh little baby chicks!! I love them little fluffy critters !!

So when you get baby chicks you have to keep them warm and draft free. 
Week 1: 90-95 F
Week 2: 85-90 F
Week 3: 80-85 F
Week 4: 75-80 F
Week 5: 70-75 F
Week 6: 70 F
 So by week six the temperature should hopefully stay withing the 70 F range. By this time they are well feathered and do well out in the pen. We have some of the coldest weather here from March through May. Yes, we even have been known to have snow in June!

Therir first home for me is usually just a big card board box. That way, I can keep them in for a bit to keep them from getting into any trouble and out of danger. Remember, that small children and house pets can be pretty dangerous to a baby chick.

As tempting as it may be to buy a baby chick for your children for Easter. Please remember they grow fast and if you do not know what you are doing, you may have a mean Rooster in no time at all. 
Not to mention that a baby chick is very fragile.

I really think unless you seriously want to start keeping chickens. That the best gift for a child is a stuffed toy one.

With careful planning and gathering practical information. You can start enjoying your own Farm Fresh Eggs when the pullet reaches about 20 weeks in age! There are lots of great Chicken Keeping books and web pages out there. So get informed and enjoy! 

I have been enjoying my chickens and their eggs for about 13 years now! It has been a very rewarding hobby!

Have you ever kept chickens? Would you like too?


Monday, February 11, 2013

Puppy Love to You

Little Hunter in his baby blanket!
 Thank you for being such wonderful blogging friends. 

Bear and Hunter learning how to share!
I really appreciate all of your warm words and comfort.

Baby Bear out sunning in the yard!
I must admit that I am in a blogging funk for now.

Bear and Hunter waiting to pick up their brother M from school!
But as you can see I am surrounded by love!

Hunter loves his sweaters on cold days!

Wishing you all much love and happiness.

Brotherly love!
Sending you all a lot of love!

Bear is so cute when he sits up!
Little Susie Home Maker