Saturday, February 23, 2013

Baby Chicks Anyone

Hi everyone!! I sure hope that you are all having a great Winter! I was planning last Fall to winter over some baby chicks and have them at egg laying age by the time Summer came.

Well, I had some really weird vertigo problems and keeping chicks just wasn't in the cards. So this Spring I will be looking into some new fresh little baby chicks!! I love them little fluffy critters !!

So when you get baby chicks you have to keep them warm and draft free. 
Week 1: 90-95 F
Week 2: 85-90 F
Week 3: 80-85 F
Week 4: 75-80 F
Week 5: 70-75 F
Week 6: 70 F
 So by week six the temperature should hopefully stay withing the 70 F range. By this time they are well feathered and do well out in the pen. We have some of the coldest weather here from March through May. Yes, we even have been known to have snow in June!

Therir first home for me is usually just a big card board box. That way, I can keep them in for a bit to keep them from getting into any trouble and out of danger. Remember, that small children and house pets can be pretty dangerous to a baby chick.

As tempting as it may be to buy a baby chick for your children for Easter. Please remember they grow fast and if you do not know what you are doing, you may have a mean Rooster in no time at all. 
Not to mention that a baby chick is very fragile.

I really think unless you seriously want to start keeping chickens. That the best gift for a child is a stuffed toy one.

With careful planning and gathering practical information. You can start enjoying your own Farm Fresh Eggs when the pullet reaches about 20 weeks in age! There are lots of great Chicken Keeping books and web pages out there. So get informed and enjoy! 

I have been enjoying my chickens and their eggs for about 13 years now! It has been a very rewarding hobby!

Have you ever kept chickens? Would you like too?



  1. I'm constantly thinking about baby chicks and fresh eggs! Can't make up my mind. I can see it's a big commitment. Great post for this time of year. Spring isn't long off!
    Hugs from the Farmhouse,

  2. Hi Susie,
    Well, I still have Roo or should I say he still has me! I still don't know if I really want chickens or not. If it takes me this long to decide, maybe the answer is no for now. And for Dru up there...I offered her Roo...ha! Take care my friend!
    Farmhouse hugs,

  3. Hi Susie!!
    I hope your vertigo is gone for good!! my mom gets it and she has to stay in bed for days, so I hear ya!!
    We use to buy baby chicks in past Easters,but stopped they would dye them in all different spring colors they were so cute! We would then take them to the ranch where they would grow...
    Have a nice rest of this wonderful Saturday!!

  4. Hi Susie, lovely to read such a sweet post from you. I love the idea of fresh eggs and cute chicks to care for, but it would be impractical for us as we live in such a town environment with only a small yard. So I shall enjoy yours through your blog posts :)

    Hope you are well, Estelle xx

  5. Nice post! Like you I have been raising chickens for about 13 years...This week I will adding around 60 more to the 30+ I already have. I have a nice variety of hens and a few roosters...I try to keep around 100 at a

  6. I keep asking my husband for chickens. He thinks I am a little crazy. Glad to see you back blogging. Thinking of you.

  7. Susie,

    Great post of baby chicks. I agree with your regarding chicks as gifts for little kids. It's best as parents that you give children stuff chicks or toys instead.

    I can't wait to have the opportunity to have my own chicks, in the very near future!

  8. Love the baby chicks. I want chicken but hubby says no. I am very lucky that my bestie keeps me stocked with farm fresh eggs. I guess it works better this way anyway. She keeps them, feeds them, and cleans up after them and I get the eggs. But I do love watching them run around and I think many of them are pretty. I am your newest follower!! Have a wonderful evening:)

  9. Baby chicks are so sweet. Last year Lucie (9) had a teacher that lived in that country. He allowed students to adopt his baby chicks for three weeks. Lucie loved it! It was a great experience. I loved this post. :) Tempted to get a few!!

  10. I can remember getting the colorful baby chicks for Easter. My grandmother had chickens so they went in her chicken yard...sometimes they turned out mean, too. Not sure why! I hope you enjoy your weekend, my friend! It's so nice to hear from you!

  11. So nice to see your post! Mr. Retro wants chickens but I'm not so sure. I'd love the eggs, not sure of the rest. If he actually builds the coop, we'll try it I guess, LOL!

    You give great advice in this post! (hugs), Pam

  12. Hi Susie no baby chicks here, my dogs are enough to handle they are cute though. I hope you're doing well sweets. I am sorry you have the vertigo I get that as well. I think we are two peas in a pod when it comes to that stuff. LOL!

  13. Oh they are so cute,I am so glad you are keeping busy and doing well. your little doggies are so cute too. They will so help you to heal. xx

  14. Hi Susie,
    Loved your post with all the cute baby chicks. There's nothing prettier to me than a basket full of fresh farm eggs.
    So good to hear from you,
    your friends,
    Dorothy and Ms. Wilma

  15. Susie,
    I'm so very sorry and am "sending" you my deepest sympathy of the passing of your beloved Dad...
    I would like to have chickens, however, hubby says no and I think Sweet Pea would want to "play" with them and that would be very bad for the chickens.

  16. Baby chicks.. o goodness gracious how cute they are... I have always wanted chickens and even have names for them. :)
    blessings to you.

  17. Me again :)

    I have passed over the 'Super Sweet Bloggin Award' to you, hope you like it - details on my blog.

    Take care, Estelle xx

  18. I love chickens and would like to keep some, but it is not allowed in our community. I had two pet bantam chickens when I was a kid, a hen and a rooster, Ruff and Ready. My Mom and Dad set up an aquarium to use as an incubator.The homemade incubator was on the dining room buffet! My mom got the fertile eggs from the man who used to deliver eggs in our neighborhood. I still remember watching early one morning as the chicks struggled to peck their way out of the eggs. They were the sweetest little things. Amazing how vividly I remember those chicks hatching, as that was 53 years ago and I was 6 years old. There are not too many things cuter than fuzzy little chicks!

  19. Oh, how I love those sweet baby chicks! I look forward to having some one day soon! Wishing you a blessed week! xo Heather

  20. We have been raising chicks for several years also. Aren't they the cutest things? Thanx for the advise about giving them as gifts. I was always disappointed as a kid when mine died after only a few days. Love your blog.

  21. No chicks for me. My herding dogs would chase them all over the yard!

  22. I have been thinking about raising chickens for a couple of years. But I have not done it. They seem like a lot work?

  23. I remember getting baby yellow chicks when I was a kid for Easter. I was scared of them!


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