Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Misty Morning Makes Chickens Dance!

 How is your summer going?
I woke up to the most beautiful wet day yesterday!
So I grabbed my camera and walked outside for some pictures.
 It always has made me feel so calm and happy when the fog rolls in.
I just had to admire the beautiful way my yard looks and the outline of all the trees.
Doesn't it look pretty?

Then I walked around back to visit my chickens and they were so happy that 
they did the Chicken Dance!!
Que the music.. Da da da da da da da.
Da da da da da da
do do do do
I tell you I think happiness is contagious!!

Have a very happy and blessed day today!!

Little Susie Home Maker

*added 7/23/2013
P.S. I wish I could tell you how I made this little loop of the chickens dancing, but honestly it was one of those Happy Accidents! I accidentally did this thinking it was a still shot! I have no idea how I did this, but it was on my cell phone which is a Samsung Galaxy S3. Sorry, that I can not how to tell anyone how to do this? :)


  1. Doing the happy chicken dance too ; )
    It's so funny, this morning we had mist too in The Netherlands.
    Have a great day.

  2. I got a good giggle out of the chicken dance! And, I love your trees!

  3. Haha! The chicken dance is hilarious! I'm dizzy from trying to dance with them! HAVE FUN! HUGS!

  4. too cute Susie! Makes me want to do the chicken dance. We saw lots of misty mornings on our trip to Spain. Glad I made it over for a visit! Love seeing you!

  5. The trees are nice, I love having trees around the property to give you privacy and help cool the area down around the house.

    Now that's adorable the video you put up of your chickens dancing.

  6. I can just smell those pine trees!! love it.. glad to hear you are having a good summer...that chicken dance is the cutest!! how did you do that?

  7. Ha Ha that chicken dance is adorable. Glad you found my blog now I have found you. My granddog is a weiner dog too!!!!

  8. Beautiful photos and such sweet chickens you have!! Wishing you a lovely and blessed week! xo Heather

  9. Haha that is too cute! I love the chicken dance :) Foggy mornings are the best!

  10. LOL...I love your chicken dance. :-)

  11. Loving the chicken dance, you got me going too! (I do need to get out more!) xoxo

  12. Your property and so pretty. Makes me miss our farm and chickens too! Hope you have a happy day:)

  13. O my goodness, the chicken dance made me giggle. Who doesn't love a foggy cool day, your photos are beautiful.
    blessings to you.

  14. I love your pictures. Oh my gosh the chickens really are dancing, that is so cute.
    Hope you are having a great day.

  15. you have a great blog ^ ^
    you want to follow each other?
    follow me and let me know with a comment
    and follow you too :))


  16. Susie that is cute about the dancing chickens of yours. Did you use your video camera on your phone and how did you get it to do the back and forth is it a app. I have been looking for a nice app for digital movies for my phone. I love the fog as well but not to drive in. LOL! have a great day sweetie. Hugs

  17. Hi Susie,

    So nice to meet you!

    That early morning fog is so enchanting, isn't it? I would have done the same thing: grab my (hopefully battery charged) camera and run into the fog. Oops! Out of the mist come dancing chickens! They got the MOVES!!



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