Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hello! Are you there?


It's been awhile since I talked to you! How are you? I been pretty good. Summer has been busy and lots of crazy weather. The kids are back in school and it is time for me to start thinking about Fall projects.

What are you doing? Have you had a good summer? Went anywhere fun?

I am thinking about some fun new sewing and embroidery projects. I am so blessed to get an new combo sewing embroidery machine! Yay!! I am even thinking about starting my very own first time quilt!!

I been thrifting. That has brought me a few great finds. I will be back to share some of those with you all real soon.

Have a blessed day. Tell me what you are getting ready to do.

Little Susie Home Maker


  1. Hi Susie!
    I'm so happy to see you! And how exciting that you have a new sewing machine. I really want to start my first quilt too!
    I can't wait to see what you have found thrifting!
    Erica :)

  2. Welcome back to Blogville! Can't wait to see what you create with your new machine:)

  3. sounds like a new machine is the perfect inspiration to start a quilt! Its been quiet in blogland this summer. I think we've all been busy. Maybe things will pick up a little bit now that summer is over. Though Im more busy now then I was this summer!
    have a lovely weekend and welcome back!

  4. So good to see you post! You've been missed. Welcome back from me too! :) Pam

  5. Love your opening pic!
    One of my girlhood best friends had a yellow kitchen phone.

    As to what I've been up to? Come by the cottage and see! ♥

  6. Very cute picture and post. Glad you are back. I have missed you.

  7. Hi Susie, It is so good to hear from you. I am so looking forward to seeing what you make with your new sewing machine.

  8. Hello lovely Susie, so lovely to see you back. Have missed ya!! Yes summer has been rather fab in the UK and now we are into autumn like you and all is good. Also busying self with a little stitching and sewing. So lovely to get a new sewing machine and so exciting to make some lovely bits with it, so looking forward to seeing what you gonna make. Happy stitching. xoxo

  9. Susie,

    It's so much fun to have a new sewing machine.
    I can't wait to see what you've found thrifting.

    I hope you know I'm waiting patiently........hurry up and show us, lol.

    Good to see you back, I hope the family is all well.
    Sending hugs your way.

  10. Hi Sweet Susie!!
    So happy to see your sweet posts again!! ;) Oh, how I wish I had a yellow phone like that in my kitchen! My great grandmother has a tan one. So fun! Happy Fall!! xo Heather

  11. Welcome back.....sounds like you have been busy. I am welcoming the fall and cooler temps. A new sewing machine, how fun . The advice I give you when making your first quilt.... Start with something small,perhaps a table topper or a baby size, not so overwhelming. I look forward to seeing all the cute things you make.
    Blessing to you.

  12. I'm here! I'm here!! Can't wait to see the goodies you found!

  13. Hi Susie!!
    I'm glad to see you posting again! That new sewing machine sound nice! Have fun making your new quilt,

  14. And I used to have a kitchen phone just like that yellow one!

  15. Hey Susie! Good to hear from you. I'm happy to see fall on its way in my neck of the woods. It's my favorite season :)

  16. Hi Susie, how exciting, what kind of machine is it? did you find it while thrifting? that will be fun to make your very first quilt, you better start with a lap one, like I did. Now I am doing the queen size one and feel overwhelmed by it's size to sew in the machine for quilting the top. Today I will roll it like the book says, apparently I tried to do it my way and that is not working out, it's crazy heavy!
    Have a wonderful day sweets. Hugs


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