Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Depressing Lesson and it is So Cold

Have you ever just had one of those times where you weren't sure if it was meant to be? That is how I felt with my whole sewing machine experience, lately.

My sewing machine was more expensive to repair than it was worth. Perfect time to think about buying a new one, right? Well, I did think I had found a really nice machine and even at a good price. I ordered it and finally got it all set up. Boy was I ever excited!!
I tried to use it, and it would mess up. Then I would retry, check, and try again. I had to use a phone assistance since I bought it online. (Bad plan)

Finally, they agreed that the machine indeed, not functioning correctly. The weeks of going through this, really put a damper on the fun of getting a new sewing machine.

You may have remembered that I was excited to start my first quilt? Still, no quilt, and I decided to return the machine, while I could still get my money back. 

I learned through this process that buying something online or on tv or over the phone, is probably not a very good idea for me. The closest warranty service center was an entire state away. Any support on learning how to use this new machine, which happened to be a sewing, quilting, embroidery combo was, at best, difficult to say the least.

So now I have no sewing machine again and was left feeling a bit depressed over the entire situation. But we have decided to add a little more money in and go shopping locally to find not only a machine that is more reliable and user friendly, but one with a nice helpful support team.

I think I have narrowed down my choice on the machine I want to get. I am waiting for this next week or two for the local dealer to get a new product line in, then I will decide between the older and the newer.

So patience is something I am really having to deal with, but it will be worth it this time!

Then maybe I can start using my creative skills again! I can't wait. Hoping everything goes a lot smoother this time!

Have you had any bad experiences like this? I sure hope not.
But you know, even with all this that has happened, I know my end experience will be much better. So for that I am so truly thankful!

I pray you are all having a great week! We are freezing here in Colorado! High today is 35*F, bhrrrrr!!!

Little Susie Home Maker


  1. It sounds so cold there! Brrr! I hope you do find the best sewing machine for you. It can be frustrating to make big purchases because you want to make the right decision and spend your money wisely.

  2. It really is best to buy something like that from a local dealer. I am sorry that you had to go through that mess.

    I thought it was too chilly here and we are at 60. I am so not ready for 35 degrees. My mind still thinks it is August. This year has gone by much too fast.
    Keep warm.

  3. So sorry about this! Glad you were able to return it and sounds like you are going to be getting a nice one locally. That does help! Well, I look forward to seeing your pretty makes when you get it! Have a beautiful and blessed week! Xo Heather

  4. I think we've all done something like that. I KNOW you made the right decision though. You need to buy something locally that you can take in if it needs work or you need help figuring something out. We'll have to stick together....I always say I want to make a quilt but I still haven't made my first one yet either. Sending you bunches of HUGS my friend!

  5. A year ago, I bought a new sewing machine at Ruth's Stitchery on Austin Bluffs in Co. Spgs. I've been pleased with the service -- they gave me a 1-year FREE checkup and cleaning on the machine. The clerks have always answered all of my questions. Good luck. Sally

  6. Susie,

    I'm so sorry to hear all the trouble you've experienced with sewing machines. It's a good thing you're going to shop locally for your machine. Sending prayers the next machine is the one you really want and it works really well. This will give you the start you wanted for making your comforter.

    Temperatures are cold here too in the 40's at night, 50's- 60's during the day.

  7. Hi, I don't know where you are, since I just found your blog, but I have a wonderful friend that fixes up old singer sewing machines. It is her hobby. If you are interested I could get you two in touch with one another. Some of the machines are treadle machines (no electricity needed) but lots of the ones she fixes up are electric running with a plug and all! She is very reasonable too. Let me know if you would like her number. I think your blog is cute by the way.

  8. Susie,I can so relate to your bad experience although not with my trusty sewing machine which is 25yrs old and still going strong. It was my new cooker. Over the first 18mths, I had the company out 10times to try and fix it. It drove me crazy. It was on a 2 yr guarantee and I think thats why they kept trying to repair it/ I finally suggested it would be cheaper for them to replace it,as it must be costing them a fortune this away in call out technicians. They finally agreed and I'm very happy with the upgraded model. But it left me extremely stressed over the whole situation.
    Hope you enjoy your new model when it comes. x

  9. P's I'll send you some sunshine from Aus :)

  10. Susie, that is too cold to soon! We are in the 50's but warming up again now. Looking forward to the 70's again. So sorry about the machine. I hear of people buying things like that on line, but I don't for this exact reason. Hope it all works out sweetie!

  11. Hy Susie! I hope you will get soon a new sewing machine. A long break as yours it wouldn't be manageable for me..I also bought my machine online, and the service center is 100 km away from me ,even if I didn't need them untill now and hopefully never... Hugs, Cristina

  12. Hi Susie, I am faced with a similar dilemna, fix the sewing machine or get a new one. Hoping to learn from your experience. Interested to see what you choose for your next machine. Thanks for following me!

  13. I'm sorry for your sewing machine troubles.
    I don't like most machines because they confuse me!
    Best of luck on plan B! :)

    It's been down in the 20s at night here but then it warms up to 50-60 during the day- sunny too!
    Just perfect fall weather!

  14. Hi Susie, wow, it sure is cold where you live! It's still hot here! I hope you get a machine you enjoy this time. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to sew and it keeps messing up. I've found that the older Singer machines work the best for me. But that is the kind I learned how to sew on!
    I know you'll get it straightened out and be making pretty quilts in no time!
    Hugs, Dorothy

  15. sure is cold there!!!! We are heading into our perfect season here in AZ. I feel for you about this whole buying online thing...depending on what kind of machine you need, Wal-Mart has some great basic Singers for about 100.00.....I got one for Christmas two years ago from my sons....still in the box...but you

  16. So sorry about your sewing machine difficulty, that can be very frustrating but you must not give up on your quilt now, you need it to snuggle up in.
    Blessings to you.

  17. Susie...My mom bought me a sewing machine and I can't figure the thing out... my needle doesn't sew I know I am not threading it correctly :/ it is so frustrating that I just gave up I have been wanting to give it away to whomever wants it. nobody will take it my neighbors don't want it, my sisters don't want it, my friends don't sew ... so, I guess I will leave it there and one of these days I will re try . I hope you stay warm...

  18. Susie, I had a Singer once...I loved it to pieces. I wore that machine out. I wish many times that I had just gotten it fixed. I bought a Janome...I have used it many times...but I do not like it. It is sitting now, not sure if it's broke or it's me...It just makes me nuts and at my age it doesn't take much to do that. Nothing worse than paying good money and not being satisfied. I wish you better luck. I really like your blog name. xoxo,Susie from SheJunks


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