Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spring has Sprung

Spring time in the Rockies. Seems to be a happy dance between sunshine and snow!
But I am thrilled that winter is over. The grass is starting to turn green and the bushes are begining to bud.
The first thing I hear in the morning is the sound of birds chirping and scattering about just outside my bedroom window.
On the porch, our vacant birdhouses have new tenants!  Little sparrows have moved in! The bird feeders and bird bath are full of activity!
Out in the yard we have several families of bunnies that play and tumble! They never cease to make me smile.
I am so happy to see the new life come to my yard in the Spring! HalleluYah!

How are you enjoying the Spring?


Little Susie Home Maker


  1. Beautiful countryside! Snow capped mountains are an amazing sight. Pleased your spring has finally showed gins of staying. We are waiting for summer to leave here in Australia....

  2. Susie,

    Good to see you girl!!! I'm so happy spring is here and were heading into summer.
    I have parts of my garden started, and more to complete.
    Were hanging on here preparing for the potential of severe storms this weekend and tornadoes.
    Beautiful picture of spring rolling in above :-)

  3. What a beautiful picture. It is so good to see you blogging my dear. We too have bunnies and I love to watch them and it has been nice to hear the birds singing. Hope you are having a great day.

  4. we have bunnies, pheasants ducks and quail!
    Helps me to not miss the deer as much.

  5. I love spring too. lots of sweet wildlife, birds singing... and green! though our trees are still pretty darn bare.. it wont be long.
    have a great week!

  6. Wow What a view!!! I can't imagine that being a Florida girl. Maybe one day I will get to visit there.

    Amy Jo

  7. Hey Susie!

    That is such a gorgeous photo! I'm enjoying the spring here. It's been a long, hard winter.

    Blessings to you!

  8. Wow, so gorgeous!! Hope you are enjoying a beautiful springtime! xo Heather

  9. Springtime! What lovely photos. I am so glad to see you posting again. Blessings to you.

  10. Hi Girl, Your mountains are so beautiful!
    Happy Mother's Day!


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