Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sewn Bird Ornaments

I love birds and I really like the charm of a hand made ornament. I thought it might be fun to show you these little birds I am making. These can be done with felts or your favorite fabric scraps. 
Home sewn birds on my snow frosted tree.

These fit into my Christmas decorations, but any color would be so pretty!
I chose the red because I am doing a lot of red and white this year, and red is my favorite high light color any time! They are made of fabric and or felt.

So I started by getting out my paper and drafting a basic bird shape to use as a pattern for cutting out fabric. 

I chose pinking sheers to cut out because the raw edges are going to show.

Now I used a decorative stitch in contrasting color to sew on the wings.

So either hand stitched or used sewing machine, which ever you prefer.

I decided to try an embroidered french knot for eyes,

I also used buttons.

Next, I hand sewn in a looped ribbon hanger,

a dab of hot glue is helpful here as well.

Now it is ready to be sewn around the perimeter. Sew on outside with a decorative top stitch. Again, hand or machine, with ever tickles your fancy.

Be sure to leave open a small opening in bottom to stuff the bird a little to plump him up!

After, stuffing, sew him up on bottom and he is finished! I used cotton balls to stuff mine.

They look so cute just hanging around!

Added some more embroidery and some loopy ribbons on the tail.

 Here are a few close ups.
I really like the way way they look on my real snow frosted tree outside!

These little guys are fun to make, and I bet you could make them with many different little personalities.

I think they will be around for a while at my house.


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  1. those are adorable! especially hanging on the white/silver frosted tree branches.

  2. I cannot tell you how much I love your little birds. Birds make me happy everyday, but red birds make me want to do a happy dance! Love it!

  3. Your little birds are so cute! I am partial to red too and love how they stand out against the tree. So cheerful!

  4. You birds are so pretty. I bet they where a lot of fun to make. Love all of the details.

  5. You did a lot of work on these they look great. Just today I was making some red felt ornaments a little Swedish horse and a gnome I found in a Christmas magazine.

  6. I love the little red birds you made!!

  7. These are so cute! I especially like the ribbon loop tail.

  8. Cute, cute, cute! You know I enjoy sewing hearts. Geez...I need to take your bird idea and run with it. :) Thanks for joining in at the Old Time Party!
    Farmhouse hugs,

  9. Cute, cute Susie! You know me and my love for birds. Thanks for sharing.


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