Sunday, October 23, 2011

Heart Felt Breakfast Time

Ever get up in the morning and just want to make a yummy breakfast that fills the stomach? That is how I woke up feeling. The family mornings are so rushed during the week, that we usually enjoy a fast bowl of cereal. or a yogurt parfait, or a scrambled egg and toast. Today we have time to relax and enjoy our family breakfast!

  I decide to start with these oh so pretty red potatoes and begin to peel them, when I realize that the pink skins are just wonderful to look at and remember that is where all the nutrition and flavor are, so it inspires me to go full flavor.

  I get the electric skillet and add a half pound of bacon to start sizzling away and decide to forget peeling the rest of the potatoes. I rough dice them in my hands, (that's how I like to do it) straight down onto the bacon below!
 Of course with the bacon fat for flavor, I simple season the potatoes with course ground black pepper, sea salt and just a few shakes of garlic powder (yes, I like powdered garlic for this because it add flavor quickly).

As I begin to stir, the potatoes and bacon are sizzling, I think about all I have learned over the years to avoid saturated fats. Dare I serve food cooked in bacon grease?
 Happily, I tell myself.. yes, because this is an indulgence breakfast, not a daily breakfast. That's my reasoning , anyways!

I am very pleased with how awesome they have cooked. They have crisped and browned up rather nicely. Look at how handsome they look in my serving bowl. Yummy!
 Now it's time for my wonderful, fresh from the chicken coop eggs. My girls have done such a wonderful job off laying the most beautiful, tasteful eggs. I decide to fry them, too.

I make the choice for filling the skillet with a little canola oil and add the eggs to the pan. I can't believe my delight in cooking these pretty eggs! Look at how the yolks are so plump and fresh.

 I decide that I am going to fry with the glass lid on high heat. Basically, a poached egg in oil. I can peek through the glass lid and wait for the yolks to puff up and turn pink. My anticipation is building!

 This process is pretty quick. I carefully remove the lid, venting any steam or grease away from me from the back side first. Don't want to get burned.

The eggs are ready for plating. Just look at them.

I tell my family, "Breakfast is served! Come and get it!"
 They seem to be delighted, and so am I! What a blessing!

I love having the time to share a hearty breakfast with my family. I pray, you do, too!


  1. Hey Little Susie~
    I like to fix a 'bigger' breakfast on Saturday when I have more time. Your fried potatoes and bacon starts off like one of my favorite breakfasts ~ a skillet. I fry potatoes, sausage, onion and peppers if I have any. When they are cooked through I push them to the side and scramble a few eggs then mix it back into the potatoes and top with lots of cheese to melt deliciously over the hot dish! We only have it once in awhile so I don't feel too guilty about it! ;~P
    Glad you enjoyed my chicken collection ~ I have even more (less precious to me) stored away. I really like the glass waterers too. Memories from growing up on my grandparents farm! Sweet!
    Hope you find some for your collection/enjoyment!
    Sunday Blessings!

  2. Aahhh! Can you believe it~ my word verification for the above was 'eggested'! Too funny!

  3. That is funny! Eggested! I like your breakfast, too. Sounds yummy!

  4. That's MY kind of breakfast - saturated bacon fat and all!!!!! LOVE fried potatoes - with or without skins on. :) YUM!!


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