Monday, October 17, 2011

Pretty Pullets

Introducing a few of  my pretty pullets! They are really enjoying the time they spend under my chokecherry bushes. The girls and a few boys about 30 in all, love to spend time out of their chicken run amongst my flowers and gardens free ranging and running to the back door for any vegetable or bread scraps I have to offer!

I have been keeping chickens now, since spring of 2000. It is a most wonderful and rewarding hobby! I never fail to get excited to see how many pretty little eggs they have laid for me each day! Many of my friends, family, and neighbors refer to me as The Egg Lady. A title I happily wear with a smile and a sense of pride!

Yes, you will here me blog about "My Girls" often, and so proud of my masterly looking Roosters, so strong proud and caring. Of course the fresh eggs are the biggest hit, with rich creamy dark yolks! Yummy. So, go ahead, and if you don't keep chickens and raise farm fresh eggs. I urge you to find your own local egg lady. It is a huge blessing all the way around! Enjoy!!

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  1. Love your chickens. I have been thinking about raising some chickens but oh it seems like so much work.


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