Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Keeping Warm

Woke up this morning and yes it has snowed and it is cold! I think we should make a nice pot of warm beans and chile. Cover up with our blankies, and drink cocoa all day long! But the kids still got to go to school and my hubby is off to work. It is interesting the way it is so warm one day and freezing the next, here in Colorado. But I love that it is surely almost always going to be sunshine and warm again in a few days. That's the way the weather rolls here. So I feel a little romanticized by the first few snow falls. Thinking of the loving little ways we can stay warm.

I think I will share the little chicken in her sweater. I found this picture circulated through the web, not sure of it's source, but obviously this little chicken sweater was created with love. Now I have to try and make one. Look at her wrapped up in love. How cute is that? Now I can think about combining my love of crocheting with my love for my chickens. Do you like to warm your loved ones with yarn?

I would love to hear about any warming little project you are working on. Here is a picture of some Corny Bags I made with a friend over the weekend. They are made with flannel and maybe a cover of printed fabric sewn into a little pillow. Leave one end open and fill with whole cleaned dry corn.  I got a 50 lb bag at the feed store. You may also used whole rice, or barley from the grocery store if you just want to make one or two.

Since I think it is so much fun to craft with others. We had a little party sewing and filling these little warmers. After you sew the end shut you have a bag that is ready for the microwave, 3-4 minutes. It comes out as warm sweet smelling little heated pillow. Also therapeutic for stiff muscles. (Be careful not to let rest on bare skin, they may get pretty warm.) Good for hand warmers, bed warmers, bread warmers, let your imagination sore. Little ones just right for pocket size in jackets, micro 1-2 minutes instead.  You have to try these for gifts.

So now I off to figure out how to start my crock pot for a warm dinner tonight. Hoping this blog warms you up too.


  1. The chicken in the sweater is PRECIOUS!! I wonder if that is real or PHOTOSHOP!!? :)
    ANyway, it is getting COLDER here in Missouri but no snow in sight. yet. We have had snow in November before!
    Stay warm, enjoy those warm things surrounding you!!

  2. How cute is that chicken. I can not believe it is snowing already. I just love come visit the snow.

  3. Thanks, Connie and Donna! The little chicken sweater is on my.. "I gotta try and make one" list. Which, by the way is a little long! Ha ha!
    Keep warm,

  4. Thanks for sharing the chickn picture! That is the cutest thing I've seen in a long time! Lucky chicken--and so stylish!


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