Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bear Love, My Pekingese Crocheted Sweater!

Baby Bear in his new crocheted red sweater!
I have crocheted a cute little red sweater for my pekingese, Bear! 
I had an urge to make it, and was quite surprised at how it just came to develop off of my hook!
Wow! I am quite pleased with how it came out! 
He is a sweety and was so eager to wear his new little outfit that Momma made for him!
He knows he looks pretty.
Now of course he is it just so darn cute.. I can't stand it! 
I love Bear, he was my Dear Hubby's Valentine gift to me three years ago, and he is truly a gift of pure love!
I am so thankful for my Little Baby Bear!

Loving my Bear with a new coat!
Finding yet another way to love someone with yarn.
Little Susie Home Maker

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  1. Aww your little baby is so cute. Love his new sweater. You have done a great job. I still do not know how to read a crochet pattern.

  2. Susie, He is just too cute! I love how he's showing his teeth in the first photo! I hope that cute pooch isn't all dressed up with no place to go. lol!

  3. There is dog owners and dog lovers and you and I are obviously dog lovers, what a sweetie, why I think that puppy needs a sweater in all the colors of the rain bow, you just never know what mood he might be in LOL! Thanks for spreading the word about blogger problems, we have done our good deed!


  4. Awwww, your Baby Bear is adorable. He looks very stylish in his pretty red coat...

  5. He is such a cute doggy. I Love his bottom teeth sticking out.

    He looks pretty spiffy in his red coat!

  6. Baby Bear is sweet as can be in that beautiful red sweater! I have a mini dachshund and I know how hard it is to buy doggie clothes to fit. You are very talented! Happy REDnesday!

  7. What a cute little pup you have. The sweater just sets it off.

  8. How cute! We blonds look so pretty in red! Enjoy your week! ♥

  9. Your Baby Bear looks so cute in his red sweater!

  10. Hahahaha! He's so dern cute! Nice red sweater ~ really pops against his shiny coat:)


  11. That's so darling. Baby Bear is quite the dapper and handsome pup in his mommy-made brand new sweater! Love all the poses.

    Happy Rednesday!

  12. What a cute little dog, and that red sweater does look adorable on him! Great pictures as well.

    You seem to have a kind and friendly blog. I am sure to return in the future. :)

    -M. Wildflower

  13. He is precious. I find that crocheting for the pups is easier as you can kind of mold the sweater to their body. Knitting is a tad more difficult to twist and turn. Love the sweater too.


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