Saturday, January 7, 2012

Computer needs suntan lotion!

 Guess What? My computer is on vacation. I will make it sound like a nice thing. I guess that is another way of saying "not working"!
So while it is resting, I will try to be a creative blogger, and send a little note out to say...
I just can't wait to show you my next sewing project. I am making something that I need. So I will be figuring out how to make it fun! That will be more fun when I will be able to share pictures! 
I also will let you know I am enjoying cooking in my newly remodeled kitchen! It has been so nice to have an operational kitchen again, yay!
Also, my chickens are staying cozy and warm in their coop, even though another snow storm is blowing in tonight! ..Brrrr..
The children are getting back to the Spring semester of school. Hubby is busy at work, and I need to get settled into some routine again.
As with the beginning of every year, I want to dub this the year I will be organized! 
But honestly, I just hope it is the year that I really enjoy home and family. Even if things are not organized as much as I feel they should.
I also wish to eat healthier and feel better, but trying out my new kitchen will mean making some of my favorite sweet treats. I love baking and have not been able to in a very long time. So it will also be the year of baking and rediscovering many beautiful foods.
Oh, yummy, I can't wait!
Until then, hope your new year is off to a great start!
And thank you dear daughter for letting me use your netbook for this post!
God Bless you all! Praise Him all day long!


  1. Hi there Susie! I can see that you're a positive girl! I'll have to hang around you more often! :)

    Our swap will be for ANYTHING dotty. I'll be posting the rules and sign up in a couple days. we'd love to have you join up!

    The Dotty Day link up which I host and is seperate from the swap is a good way to discover new blogs, make friends and to have your blog discovered. Here's how it works: You post something dotty that you have or even what you find on the Internet and make a post about it. In your post, you mention that you're linking to me and give a link to me. That way, YOUR readers can meet me. If you "link up" through the linky tool at the bottom of my post, MY readers will see a little box with a pic of your post and can click on it to see your blog and meet you! Does this make sense?

    Thanks for coming by Cutie Pie Cottage! ♥

  2. Boy can I relate to computer problems! I had to use my daughter's for my last post! I hope you are back soon. I'm looking forward to seeing your projects!

  3. I came across your blog by accident and am so happy I did. Way too adorable and such a fun thing to read. Thanks for sharing and God Bless You.


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