Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Little Susie Home Maker's Simple Chicken Pot Pie

It is still a little cold in the Spring and a Chicken Pot Pie hits the spot just right.
I want to share with you my very simple recipe that will be a keeper for those days you want an easy homemade pie. It will make your family happy, and a dish you can be proud to serve.
Now this Susie Home Maker likes to keep things simple
so you will be happy to know this recipe only has 5 ingredients! Yes, that is it!
That is because I take so many short cuts.
Also, you can have this made from beginning to end in under an hour.
So here it is:

Little Susie Home Maker's 
Simple Chicken Pot Pie

  • 1 lb ground chicken
  • 1 pkg Country Gravy mix (the kind used for biscuits and gravy)
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 small 12 oz pkg of frozen mixed veggies (peas, carrots & corn)
  • 1 pkg of refrigerator crescent rolls

Preheat the oven to 375* F.
In a large skillet, start frying the ground chicken over medium heat. You can add 1 Tbs oil or water if you wish. When no longer pink, add the gravy mix, and stir in well to coat chicken. Then slowly add the two cups of water a little at a time, while constantly stirring. Keep stirring over medium heat until a gravy forms. Then add the package of frozen veggies. Stir in all together and leave in pan, but turn off the heat.
Place four mini cocottes, or individual sized stoneware baking casseroles on a cookie sheet. Divide and spoon the pie filling into the cocottes.
Now on a clean surface divide the crescent package dough into 4 sections. Use a rolling pin or your hand to flatten dough into four circles, big enough to cover the tops of your pies. With a knife, cut two slits in the middle of each dough top. Pick up and place the tops over the pies. 
Bake in oven for 16-18 minutes.

Serves 4

I hope you enjoy my pictures.
The red cocotte is from a pretty set my older sister gave me for Christmas. The Covered Hen Casserole is a gift from my younger sister for my last birthday. The red dish is from a set my husband bought for me when we recently finished remodeling our kitchen!
Wow, I just noticed that the fork is from a set I keep for special occasions that my parents gave me a few years ago for my birthday! Now, I did buy this vintage looking table cloth myself! Ha ha!
 They all know I love Red and Chickens! Thanks for my pretties!
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Little Susie Home Maker


  1. I love the little dish That the pot pie is in. It's so cute.

  2. That looks so scrumptious - lovely recipe!

    Happy Rednesday too,

    PS LOve yr blog!

  3. mmmmmmmmmmmm -that sounds just right on this rainy, gray day here in Missouri!!

  4. I have never been too big on pot pies. However, you make them sound good.

  5. mmmm ... is that your chicken pot pie i smell? it looks good, too.

    i love your utensil background !!!

  6. Hi Susie, this looks so yummy! I am such a dork, I deleted by first link party post right about link time. I have it up and running again. I would love if you would come link up.

  7. That looks so GOOD! The recipe looks easy.
    Thanks for sharing it.

  8. I LOVE Chicken Pot Pie . . . Yum

  9. Holy eggshells! I had chicken pot pie for dinner tonight. I adore easy tasty recipes and yours looks great. Nothin' better than good food and a cute setting!

  10. I cannot wait to try this recipe. So simple and looks yummy. thanks for sharing.
    Blesssing to you.

  11. Yum, almost lunch time, any leftovers? :-P

  12. Hi Susie,
    Oh, this looks great, what a nice quick recipe.
    Thank you for sharing...Visiting you today via "Share your Cup Thursday"
    All the Best,

  13. Just the way we like it... fast, easy and delicious! Those pot pies look soooo good, Susie. I've used biscuit dough, but the crescent dough looks even better. Gonna have to give that a try for sure! Hope you and yours are well and that you have an excellent weekend! ~Mary

  14. That looks delicious! Thanks for coming by!

  15. That looks so good and so easy susie! Thank you for sharing it. I'm going to make it next week :o) have a nice weekend! hugs Jennifer


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