Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Egg Decorating Family Fun

Today I was out in the Little Red Barn gathering eggs.
I again realized that I am so thankful for such beautiful fresh daily nutrition.
These eggs that my hens lay daily are such a big blessing to my family.
We cook them up so many different ways. They are scrambled, fried, or we bake with them.
We add them to soup, etc.. and one of my favorite is to boil them.

This time of year so many people are boiling eggs, and decorating them. Many families take place in this  annual tradition.
It has always been fun for my family to decorate the boiled eggs before Easter. For us, I think it is the artsy crafty side of my family that just loves this activity.

We use the basic food coloring recipe on the box of the food coloring bottled in the 4-pack from the grocery store. That is my favorite method. It is simple and inexpensive and fun to mix! There are just so many color combinations from the drops!
We get out crayons, and rubber bands, and cotton swab brushes! Anything to make our eggs pretty. We put messages, and make faces. It is just lots of fun.! 
We usually make a big date with Grandma & Grandpa, too. It is a big part of spending time together from the youngest grandchild all the way up to the grandparents!

I love the time we share laughing and painting! These are some of the fondest memories we build and grow upon each and every year.
I pray that all of you have a wonderful time celebrating the Resurrection of our Savior on this Holiday weekend!

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  1. Your blog is so lovely! I hope you have a wonderful Easter spending time with family and friends!
    Following you from Katherines Corner - Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop.

  2. Your images are darling, and your tradition of coloring eggs reminded me of how excited we were to color them as kids! That smell of vinager!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Erica :)

  3. What cute eggs. I love them. I never thought about using food color dye. The polka dot egg my fav.
    Easter blessing to you.

  4. Hi Susie,

    Your blog is so cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog.... Come back again.

    Amy Jo

  5. As you were telling your story of how you celebrate Easter with your family, I could actually picture the events in my mind. It sounds like you will have a delightful Easter celebration!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the photographs. The first one of the bunny being pulled in the cart by the hen is my favorite. :)

    Have a blessed Easter!

  6. Hi Susie, coloring eggs is a tradition that I have always loved. Can you believe last year was the first time we didn't do it. Usually we do it with some of the grandies. Probably won't this year either beings hubby and I are headed to AZ in the morning to spend Easter with our youngest daughter and her husband. We haven't seen them since Oct. I am missing my baby! lol! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Easter.

  7. Oh, I would love fresh eggs!! My parents had chickens and the fresh eggs tasted so good!! You eggs are fabulous and the fun in making them even better! Happy Easter


  8. Happy Easter from Australia♥
    ... Thank you for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment :)

  9. What a beautiful post, Love it..Have a great day friend..

  10. Lovely post Susie. Happy Easter to you and your family x

  11. Lovely. I hope your Easter was a sweet one. Thank you for your bloggy friendship and for participating in the hop. xo

  12. Just found your blog! Can't wait to start following on a regular basis! I am a novice blogger and have lots to learn!



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