Friday, April 20, 2012

Ride Through the Country with Bear

Yippie! I get to ride in the car!
Would you like to tag along on a ride through our country side with, Bear and I?
He and I enjoy our ride to his groomer every month. Jumping in the front seat, Bear is ready to go sight seeing along the way! So, I thought that I would take along the camera this trip and share what a pretty little ride it is to her place from our house.Bear has really pretty soft long hair, and he has a very nice groomer. She bathes and cleans him up every four weeks. Bear loves to go for his grooming.

 We see lots of beautiful and interesting things along the way. It was foggy this morning. The horses in the mist looked so pretty, don't you think?

 A near by street corner, have to take this picture of the mailboxes.

After, I drop off Bear, I pass the General Store.

Okay, this is when I go home and wait for my call to pick Bear back up, usually about 2 hours. After I go to pick Bear up, the fog has burned off. 

Bear is so excited to stop and say, "Hello!" to some nearby friends in the field! 

His friend says, "Hi!" back.

 I get such a kick out of how my Little Bear is so happy!

There is no shortage of farm life along the way.

I stop to take a few more pictures. There is plenty of cattle.

Look at this trio, a Bull. a Cow, and a Calf!

Bear and I make it back to our home. Doesn't he look pretty and happy? We will do it all over again in a few weeks!

I feel so blessed to live in such a pretty place. God has so many beautiful creatures that He has given to us.
I am so thankful,
Especially for my Little Buddy Bear!

Hope you enjoyed the ride!


Little Susie Home Maker


  1. Oh, let me be the first to say how beautiful, excuse me-handsome, Bear is! I just want to nuzzle him. Love your landscape, what a great place to live. Can't believe you have a General Store! Wonderful Post.

  2. Hi Susie,
    Wilma and I enjoyed our ride with Bear! You took really good pictures along the way. And Wilma says she thinks Bear is a cutie! :=)
    Have a great week-end,

  3. Bear is sooo cute! It looks like you live in a beautiful part of the country... Thanks for taking us on a ride:)

    Amy Jo

  4. Such lovely pictures. And doesn't Bear look very handsome indeed! Happy Friday and I hope you have a very good weekend. Emma :-)

  5. Ohhh that face! Love it! I have two Bostons with similiar facial features.

    I bet he's not only handsome, but well behaved too. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures.

  6. thanks for taking us along for the ride, Bear. PS you look MAH-VE-LOUS!!!

  7. What a fun ride Susie, and I didn't even get car sick. lol! Maybe it's because I stuck my head out the window with Bear. I sure enjoyed the animals along the way. The horses in the mist was fab! Bear is one smart dog and smart looking too.

  8. What a fun adventure Bear had! Ha, he needs his own blog!

  9. Bear is a cutie. My dogs whine and cry when they get in the car. Maybe they need more horses and cattle to look at, or maybe they need less trips to the vet. I'm not sure.

    My magazine stand is about two feet tall. Thanks for checkin' in. I always enjoy your comments!


  10. Could he be any cuter??
    What a sweetheart he is!
    Thank you for taking us on that pretty drive.
    Erica :)

  11. Your Bear is adorable! I enjoyed the scenery--one of my favorite things to do is go for rides out in the country. There's nothing like those wide-open spaces. Your blog looks so cute!


  12. Bear is just the cutest, so adorable! I am in awe of where you live - it is beautiful. You are indeed blessed. Have a lovely week x

  13. what a wonderful trip you both had!!!! bear is so incredibly precious and i am so happy that you have each other and enjoy life together!!!! sending you both big hugs! : )

  14. The country side is so beautiful. Bear is just cutest fur baby.

  15. What a wonderful ride! Congratulations!
    Be blessed one week.

  16. Bear looks like he's enjoying the ride...what a fun road trip!

  17. Wonderful Pics!I enjoyed the trip with you & Bear very much!

  18. Thanks for taking me along on your ride with Bear, what a handsome fella he is! Yes, God has blessed us with some beautiful things in this world, all we have to do is take the time to admire them.

  19. Oh my dear friend!
    I'm imagining your backyard flowers, must be really wonderful!
    A cherry blossom, it's all good!
    Thank you for loving visit.
    Bless you and kisses Also,

  20. Oh my goodness! Bear is just the cutest ever! I think he and my Maine Coon cat, Simba are just about the same size. LOL The photos that you took are just beautiful. We have a lot of farm land around here, but aside from the old general stores and rural mailboxes, the difference is huge. We sure don't have the majestic cattle that you do. We have mostly milk cows. LOL Looks like you and Bear had a grand day. I would have loved to have been along for the ride. :~) Hope you're well and hangin' in there, my dear. Have a lovely weekend! Hugs, Mary

  21. Oh my! That Bear sure is a cutie patootie! What a sweet face! Looks like a charming neighborhood you live in. Lots of friendly creatures.

  22. The countryside looks amazingly beautiful. Wide open spaces and lots of beautiful blue sky. I love the picture of the horses in the mist. Thanks for your visit to my VTT post last week. Will be back for more visits.


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