Monday, February 27, 2012

Beautiful Green Egg!

I got the most wonderful surprise! I hope you enjoy it too !

 While collecting my eggs from The Little Red Barn, ( I love calling it that, he he!)
 I was blessed with my first green egg!

And as any normal person would do..  I wooped and hollared and jumped up and down.. 
Ran into the house and showed the family with much delight!

Look, look!! Isn't it pretty!

See, I haven't had any green egg layers for years. Last fall, while I was at the local feed store, I looked in the bin that they had all lit up with heat lamps. In the straight run bin (That means unsexed girls and boys mixed)

 I saw them! 
Little striped backs like chip munks. 
I gently picked one up in my hand and looked at it's little face! I was looking for tufted cheek feathers!

Yes, they had them! Cute little faces!
I never wanted to keep peeps through the winter, 
here in Colorado, 
but these are rare little birds for me in this neck of the woods!
(Unless I mail order large quantities)

So I prayed they were Araucanas, or Americaunas 
which are known for their beautiful green and/or blue eggs!

I picked out 4 and then went to the Pullet (baby girls) bin, which was full of little black pullets (usually brown eggs layers) and made sure to get one baby girl. 
I knew that all my straight runs could end up being boys, 
and wanted to know if I took care of babies all winter, at least one would be a girl.

So the chicks have been housed in the nursery side of my coop all winter. 
Where they have been kept warm and fed and away from the older flocks.
In a recent post I was pleased they started laying!
 I ended up with three tufted cheek pullets, one black pullet, and one very pretty tufted cheek cockerel! I was getting a little brown egg a day! Must be the pretty black pullet!

Now don't get me wrong! I love all the eggs that all my lovely girls lay.

But if this doesn't say photo shoot, what does? 
I just adore all the colors from soft pinks through the browns and white and now green!

So I hurried and didn't even iron my vintage family tablecloth, 
Got out one of my favorite jade-ite glass plates, 
and now you know why this is one of my most favorite colors!
I love the color of Jadeite and the color of this egg!

I also, just recently started playing with Google Picasa. 
So bare with me on this. Just having fun!!

I hope you enjoy my pictures. Please share any comments you wish to leave.
I am always so amazed when I hear from one of my kind readers. You are the best!

Little Susie Home Maker


  1. Now you know that I'm excited for you! Such pretty pickin' cool to have a green one!

  2. I have to say it is a beautiful green egg!

  3. I wasn't even aware that green eggs could be laid by chickens. That just shows you how much I know about farm life, which is nada!

    Nice pictures! The eggs remind me of Easter for some reason. :)

  4. How cool is that. I did not know about green eggs. But I did know about brown, blue and white. My sweet hubby has
    a friend that has chickens that lays colored eggs. I just think that is the neatest thing.

  5. I will enjoy your lovely eggs vicariously! =D My neighbor's chickens lay pretty eggs in brown and green. I love it when she brings some by. Cute, cute post!

  6. Had no idea! Green?? How pretty! Also enjoyed the tale :)

  7. who knew...Not me, city girl. I thought they came in brown and white. I might get chickens if I knew eggs came in blue, green, and pink! Thank you for showing us


  8. Wow, that really is pretty! Definitely a photo shoot was in order - looks great on your jade-ite dish. Have a fab day x

  9. You won't have to dye any eggs for Easter now! Your girls will do all the work! Beautiful eggs! Sandie

  10. I must say I love green eggs on jadeite also.....what a pretty combination!!!
    Your sweet little hens.....

  11. Oh Suzie what a wonderful surprise! I love the blue egg. They look so Springy in your jadite dish. A friend of hubby's gave us a dozen brown eggs from his hens and we sure have been enjoying them. Sure woud love to have a blue one in my hands!

  12. Your egg is BEAUTIFUL!

    Be careful. I do not know about now, but Picasa used to add loads of stuff to photos when you saved them. It also used to suck down your originals to the internet without your permission.

  13. I love it! They are just so pretty! I used to have a couple Easter Egger hens and one rooster. The rooster was gorgeous, but so mean we had to get rid of him. One of the hens laid a green egg and the other one blue. I would love to have some more!

  14. So pretty! I love the color and I didn't know there was actually such a thing as green eggs either...I thought Dr. Seuss was just making it up with his "Green Eggs and Ham"!

  15. Picture perfect! Congratulations on answered prayers...I have never seen a green egg before..very interesting!

  16. Don't you just love the blue and green eggs! I have some blue layers also and they look so pretty with the brown eggs. :-)

  17. How awesome, I've always wondered what they looked like! The lady down the street said the hens laid green eggs but didn't invite me to look, :( thanks for sharing! And thanks for following, I'm following back!

  18. Stopping by from the Thursdays Favorite Things Hop!

  19. Love the green egg. I so want to have my own chickens again...

  20. The green egg is so cool! Wish I could have chickens, thanks for stopping by, Laura

  21. WOW..the eggs are so pretty and make a great photo! I think fresh eggs would be nice to have. Hubby says no chickens :( Our city allows them if you have a large enough yard, which we do! I'll just enjoy yours!
    I'm sorry that I didn't do the award...I had forgotten about it.
    Have a blessed Sunday.

  22. My daughter and her family have chicken and their hens lay colored eggs too. So pretty. I love the color of your lovely green egg. Now you just needs some ham and taa daa, green eggs and ham, giggle. xo

  23. Hi Susie!

    I'm playing blog catch up and had to see what's new with you. I shared in your excitement with the beautiful green egg! I was just reading about chickens this weekend and imagined what my dreamed of chickens and eggs might look like some day. For now, I'll share in your joy!


  24. Fun post to read...happy for you and your green egg!

  25. Yay! How exciting, and it's so pretty! We're hoping that our next chickens will be Araucanas too:)


  26. Great post and photos! My sister and I gave my mom an Ameraucana chicken for her birthday last year and it lays green eggs, too. Her others are all leghorns and lay brown eggs.

    This summer I am taking my girls to visit my sister in Maine. She has 41 laying hens and one rooster. I can't wait to see them all!


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