Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Vintage Egg Cartons

 Many people like to collect vintage items. Here is a collection of beautiful egg cartons from my friend Sandie of Steadman's Corner. I decided to put them in a group with my new-old milk glass egg cups in front of my newly remodeled dish rack, china hutch, cabinet! (Isn't that what we all call them?) See inside the yellow carton? Those are fresh eggs from my girls in My Little Red Barn! 
6-month old pullet, see her cheek tufts?

So I was visiting Sandie at Steadman's Corner when I was looking at one of the beautiful photographs that Sandi takes. She is not only a Vintage Junkie, but a great photographer. I commented to her that My Girls (my chickens) would love vintage cartons like that. (Actually, it was me)

Sandie was just so kind to send me these cartons. Isn't she just the sweetest person? Thank you, Sandie. You are the greatest! She also included that vintage chick card, it says "Slick Chick" I love it!

My 6-month old pullets are beginning to lay eggs finally!

They have been integrated into the whole flock and are getting along just fine. Chickens are curious creatures. They love checking out each others diggs. Here are a few of my older ones checking out the nursery side.

This is 10 month old "Speedy"
Isn't this Rooster pretty? His name is Speedy. When he was just a peep, my son named him that, because he was just so speedy! The surprise came when we realized he was a boy, because he was sexed as a girl! We love him, anyways!

Thanks Sandie, again for your generosity and I hope you like my pictures of the cartons!

Blessings to everyone,

Little Susie Home Maker

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  1. Very cool gifts ! I love all your girls & Guy !

  2. Your vintage cartons are so much prettier than the ones we get today. I love your chickens, they are so cute - how lovely to be able to get fresh eggs. Have a lovely evening x

  3. Such darling egg cartons, charming graphics! And it's so much fun to see your chickens - I wish we could have some but our yard is too small. :(

    Happy Rednesday!

  4. Those are the cutest vintage egg cartons Susie. I am so excited for you that your 6 month old pullets are laying now. I hope to see some new recipes linked up here soon... lol.

    Speedy is beautiful. It always seemed weird to me how male birds are so much "showier' than females. (I know, it's a made-up word, but my brain isn't cooperating). BTW- I love your hen house images, they're lovely. Thank you for sharing and for linking up at my blog. Have a GREAT week ahead Susie.


  5. Susie, Your picture is perfect! And the yellow carton now looks complete with it's fresh eggs inside! Speedy is my favorite! I love his colors! Blessings from Alabama! Sandie

  6. How nice it was of Sandie to send you those cute egg cartons. I liked the pictures of your hens, and Speedy the Rooster is indeed very handsome.

  7. What great gifts. I still can not decide if I want chickens or NOT

  8. i love those sweet egg cartons! your chickens are so cute..i want some (of my own)!!

  9. Thanks every one. Yes, Sandie is the sweetest!
    I really think if you guys can have chickens, it is worth at least looking into. It is almost an addictive behavior!

  10. I love your chickens. Some of them look like the same breeds as mine! Very cute!!! I'm glad the new ones are getting along ok and no bullying! Now relax and have a great rest of the weekend.

  11. well your blog sure does make me smile and those vintage egg cartons are beyond FABULOUS!!!! then to boot -- this vegetarian loves to see so many happy happy chickens laying HAPPY eggs!!!! i know my heart is warmed!!! (hugs)

  12. Hi Susie!
    First, Those egg cartons are adorable. I love vintage kitchen things. So much so, that I've pretty much run out of space to display them. LOL

    Second, I've tagged you over at my Spilled On The Kitchen Table blog. I hope you can pop over and join in!

    Happy Monday! Hope your week is an awesome one!


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