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Beautiful Green Egg!

I got the most wonderful surprise! I hope you enjoy it too !  While collecting my eggs from The Little Red Barn, ( I love calling it that, he he!)  I was blessed with my first green egg! And as any normal person would do..  I wooped and hollared and jumped up and down..  Ran into the house and showed the family with much delight! Look, look!! Isn't it pretty! See, I haven't had any green egg layers for years. Last fall, while I was at the local feed store, I looked in the bin that they had all lit up with heat lamps. In the straight run bin (That means unsexed girls and boys mixed)  I saw them!  Little striped backs like chip munks.  I gently picked one up in my hand and looked at it's little face! I was looking for tufted cheek feathers! Yes, they had them! Cute little faces! I never wanted to keep peeps through the winter,  here in Colorado,  but these are rare little birds for me in this neck of the woods! (Unless I mail o

Vintage Egg Cartons

 Many people like to collect vintage items. Here is a collection of beautiful egg cartons from my friend Sandie of Steadman's Corner . I decided to put them in a group with my new-old milk glass egg cups in front of my newly remodeled dish rack, china hutch, cabinet! (Isn't that what we all call them?) See inside the yellow carton? Those are fresh eggs from my girls in My Little Red Barn!  6-month old pullet, see her cheek tufts? So I was visiting Sandie at Steadman's Corner when I was looking at one of the beautiful photographs that Sandi takes. She is not only a Vintage Junkie, but a great photographer. I commented to her that My Girls (my chickens) would love vintage cartons like that. (Actually, it was me) Sandie was just so kind to send me these cartons. Isn't she just the sweetest person? Thank you, Sandie. You are the greatest! She also included that vintage chick card, it says "Slick Chick" I love it! My 6-month old pullets a

Little Susie Home Maker's Cinnamon Crescent Rolls

Little Susie Home Maker's Cinnamon Crescent Rolls Ever want to put a quick and easy smile on your families face with a yummy semi-homemade treat? I love things that are easy, but have that home made touch. This morning, I looked in my refrigerator and saw a package of crescent rolls. These little guys would be perfect to add some sweetness to breakfast. Home made "Happy Cinnamon Sprinkles" Now I don't know about you, but I discovered this secret magical happy ingredient years ago when my children were very little. It is, "Happy Cinnamon Sprinkles" other wise known as Cinnamon Sugar. I actually discovered the happiness myself, as child, when my own mom would make cinnamon sugar and sprinkle it on fresh buttered toast. That was always so good! So this morning, I took the crescent rolls, and lightly buttered them,  Sprinkled them with Cinnamon sugar,  rolled them up  and baked as directed. Fifteen minutes later, we had wa

I am seeing Dots!!

Good evening everyone! It is time to reveal the Dotty Swap between myself and Mom Wald's Place . Back in January our lovely hostess, Holly from Cutie Pie Cottage organized a most wonderful swap. She wanted to hold her very first Dotty Swap. It was a great idea and many responded.  My partner for this swap was Mary and her lovely blog Mom Wald's Place . Thanks Holly for all the fun! Mary, packed me the prettiest 3 packages in the cutest red and pink dotty tissue. The first package that I opened had this pretty little refrigerator notepad with this wide-eyed owl on it.  And Mary wrote this kind little note. She included a yummy little box of Jelly Bellies! The second little package had the most precious little hand made clutch in it!    Look at the pretty fabric, different shades of pink and green dots, with tiny kittens and flowers, also in bright green shades! The inside lining is a light green with white dots. Mary hand quilted these laye

"Hoo" Wants a Valentine?

Not a long post. Just want to wish my friends a Happy Valentine's Day! I think these little wide eyed owls are just so cute. Don't you? Blessings, Little Susie Home Maker

Seven Random Things About Susie

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing great. February is well on its way, and here in Colorado, we have been enjoying a lot of snow and freezing temperatures. Well, maybe we are not always enjoying it, but it sure looks pretty! If you haven't visited White Wolf Summit Farm Girl , go take a peek and let Heidi know I sent you! She really is a great gal, and has a very nice blog. I am really happy that Heidi and I have met through blogging, and that we can follow each other this way. To my joyful surprise, Heidi awarded Little Susie Home Maker with The Versatile Blogger Award ! She asked me if I would accept it. Oh, me, oh, my... Yes I will! Thank you Heidi! It is so kind of you to notice my little blog and sure appreciate the recognition! Here are the rules for the Versatile Blogger Award- Add the award to your blog. Thank the blogger who gave it to you. Mention seven random things about yourself. (see below) List the rules. Award to 15 bloggers.

These Cupcakes say LOVE

Pretty cupcakes, yummy!  My favorite cupcake say, "Love", by the hands of my children. Today, I am bringing you a reminder that some of the simplest things bring the greatest pleasure. I know that there are so many wonderful recipes, and cute and beautiful decorating ideas for cupcakes that are really nice.  But to just get in the kitchen with your kids and make a simple box of their favorite flavor of cake mix into cupcakes, seems magical.  They enjoy their accomplishments!   Don't forget the frosting that comes already made and some sprinkles.  I keep a large variety of sprinkles on hand.  We make the batter and fill the pretty paper cups, set the timer and bake. When the timer goes off, the children can hardly wait for them to cool. I let my children open the frosting and decorate to her own content! They are so pretty and so yummy. Each one made with love.  Don't forget to let them lick the spoon! My favorite part. as well.