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Good Wishes and Good Crafters

Sent and made by Donna When I started blogging  Donna made this pretty for me. I had no idea how blessed Tammy made me a get well home maker package I would become by this community. Tammy's Poppy Seed Bread Women with the same interests  A  Little Susie card by Tammy and the biggest hearts in the world! This has to be me! by Tammy Taking the time to get to know me Tammy's tag and share in my life and my trials. Pretty wrapping Woman with hearts full of prayers and good wishes. More fun Thank you so much for blessing me and  being the kind of friends every girl loves to have. I won this made by Erica, 1 year blogaversary! I plan on continuing down this road and being happy every step along the way. Extra goodies from sweet Erica Thanks to all my new and old blog buddies for reading my blog, for leaving me comments, and interacting with me! I am amazed by how talented and kind y

Vintage Doll-E-Crib, Chicken Scratch Embroidery and Color-Flyte Cream and Sugar Bowl

Not being able to go out and do some of my favorite things has been needless to say, a little frustrating. I have not been released to start driving as of yet. Friday when my daughter was taking us on some errands with her drivers permit, she made me so happy by driving me to two new thrift, antique stores in town. It was a fun day, and I am so thankful she is old enough to help me out like this!! Ansco Vintage Doll-E-Crib 1950's I found this to be kind of like a kid in the candy store kind of excursion! We went inside the first and I found this  vintage Ansco Doll-E Crib. Isn't it the greatest? I am guessing 1950's . It is made of metal. I think it was repainted white at some point, but the white is a little chippy with a pale yellow showing through. Doll-E-Crib Lamb Decal It has the cutest lamb and bunny decals on the headboard and the foot board. Look how sweet they are!! Do you see the beads in the corners? Tactile fun for the toy and just cute. One

Kelly's Hearty Kraut Burgers

Guest Post from Kelly! Today I am happy to share with you my sister, Kelly. She has been making great meals since she was a teenager. Today she is going to share one of her recipes that she has added her personal twist. I can tell you, "It Rocks!" ..  Kelly's Hearty Kraut Burgers!     Kelly will be taking the role of guest blog author today!  Thank you, Kelly! Hi everyone! I enjoy creating fun dishes that I love to share with family and friends. I also, live a very busy life and love to take short cuts when I can. You will find a few in this recipe that are great time savers. After trying other versions of Kraut Burgers, I decided it was time to create a burger that was to my own tastes and improve upon what I found out there. This is the first time I tried this recipe. I will admit adding the potatoes were my idea to make it heartier. I also used the red cabbage because that is what we like. I didn't get it cut small enough before cooking

Preview to Farewell Leaves

I don't know about you, but I am feeling the crisp morning air and anticipating the wonderful Autumn weather. Just around the corner leaves will be changing colors and dropping soon after. I already have some doing this now. It is one of the prettiest times of year here in Colorado. So I decided to look back into my blog and last year when I had barely started my blog.. I had posted some beautiful pictures, that I am going to share again with you now. They were from my Cottonwoods in my yard, and I don't think a single person even looked at the post. So now I will do a little preview of my fall leaves in my yard from last year 11-26-2011. Enjoy! FAREWELL LEAVES With Thanksgiving past, and what a wonderful time it was, I am now switching gears to prepare for Christmas. For me this means saying farewell to the gorgeous Autumn color pallet. I will first take down all my Autumn leaf garlands and little pumpkins and gourds, etc. Out with the oranges, yellows, reds and br