Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentine Swap 2017

 Don't you think Valentine swaps are fun? I sure do. Vivian had a nice big swap year That I signed up for and my partner was Cindy from Prairies Edge Farm.
 Prairies Exdge Farm
 She made a beautiful pin cushion with a hankie flap. I love it!
  She also made fantastic. Card and tags that are like snow globes with glitter in them! And lots of book marks and paper tags! Pencils and candy!
I also made fun Valentines for her!
Here they are.

I had so much fun making home made Valentine's crafts. Thank you Vivian for being the best hostess! Head onover to Vivians blogViv's blog Viv on a Whim to see more.
Also, I apologize for this not being a very well posted blog post, but my computer is down so I had to use phone and it was not easy!
Blessings and Happy Valentine's Day.

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