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A Sewing We Will Go

Hello! Hello! How are you?  I am not the best blogging buddy lately, so sorry! I hope you are doing good. My older sister made me the prettiest apron for my birthday. She stitched it all out by hand. She dipped into her vintage stash of fabrics from her dear MIL. Don't you love the pretty purple and yellow pansies! What a wonderfully sweet gift! Thanks, Sis!! I finally got my new sewing machine... yay! So you want to know what I decided to get? I purchased a Brother Innov-is 2800D. What does that mean? It means not only can I sew and quilt on it, but it has machine embroidery on it, too! I am sure it will be a lot of fun!  Oh, Heather, if I could only hand stitch as beautiful as you! But this will be good way for me!!   Now for the learning how to use all the whistles and bells! What will I make first? Well, I signed up for usage classes in November and that should help me learn this particular machine. I did embroider on the front of a t-shir

The snow has come, am I ready

Good morning my sweet friends. Well, it is looking a lot more like winter in my neck of the woods than autumn! It was a nice surprise this morning. Earlier than normal. Not all the leaves have even changed colors yet!  So am I ready for this? I am not usually too thrilled about winter weather. You know, the aches and pains that settle into my bones, etc. . I feel a bit exhilarated today. I welcome the change. Of course in Colorado, I can expect it to warm up my next week, so that makes it nice to enjoy for now. So today I will switch out my sandals for boots, shorts for jeans. (I hang on to summer as long as I can,  some call it denial, lol) I will put on a comfy soft sweater and bake lasagna for dinner! Celebrating a special birthday tonight for Mr Fix-it ♡♥ Lasagna is his favorite. My the years go by fast! Stay warm and have a blessed day♡♥ Blessings, Little Susie Home Maker

Depressing Lesson and it is So Cold

Have you ever just had one of those times where you weren't sure if it was meant to be? That is how I felt with my whole sewing machine experience, lately. My sewing machine was more expensive to repair than it was worth. Perfect time to think about buying a new one, right? Well, I did think I had found a really nice machine and even at a good price. I ordered it and finally got it all set up. Boy was I ever excited!! I tried to use it, and it would mess up. Then I would retry, check, and try again. I had to use a phone assistance since I bought it online. (Bad plan) Finally, they agreed that the machine indeed, not functioning correctly. The weeks of going through this, really put a damper on the fun of getting a new sewing machine. You may have remembered that I was excited to start my first quilt? Still, no quilt, and I decided to return the machine, while I could still get my money back.  I learned through this process that buying something online or on t