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It's A Very Cherry World!: CHRISTMAS TAG SWAP

Right now, many of us crafters and home made gifters are realizing that the Holidays are gearing up, and we have lots of ideas running through our heads! Recently, I decided to participate in a Christmas Tag Swap over at It's A Very Cherry World!: CHRISTMAS TAG SWAP and can't wait to start mine. This is going to be fun! I want to invite anyone to join in on this, and trade one tag with another person who signs up. This isn't too over whelming and is great way to meet other bloggers or people interested in reading blogs. We can show off our talents make new friends and have fun! I wonder if I will only make one.. just saying.. sounds addictive!  So go over and sign up, leave a comment, and tell her who sent ya! Leave a comment with me, too.  Happy Tagging!

Keeping Warm

Woke up this morning and yes it has snowed and it is cold! I think we should make a nice pot of warm beans and chile. Cover up with our blankies, and drink cocoa all day long! But the kids still got to go to school and my hubby is off to work. It is interesting the way it is so warm one day and freezing the next, here in Colorado. But I love that it is surely almost always going to be sunshine and warm again in a few days. That's the way the weather rolls here. So I feel a little romanticized by the first few snow falls. Thinking of the loving little ways we can stay warm. I think I will share the little chicken in her sweater. I found this picture circulated through the web, not sure of it's source, but obviously this little chicken sweater was created with love. Now I have to try and make one. Look at her wrapped up in love. How cute is that? Now I can think about combining my love of crocheting with my love for my chickens. Do you like to warm your loved ones with yarn?

Heart Felt Breakfast Time

Ever get up in the morning and just want to make a yummy breakfast that fills the stomach? That is how I woke up feeling. The family mornings are so rushed during the week, that we usually enjoy a fast bowl of cereal. or a yogurt parfait, or a scrambled egg and toast. Today we have time to relax and enjoy our family breakfast!   I decide to start with these oh so pretty red potatoes and begin to peel them, when I realize that the pink skins are just wonderful to look at and remember that is where all the nutrition and flavor are, so it inspires me to go full flavor.   I get the electric skillet and add a half pound of bacon to start sizzling away and decide to forget peeling the rest of the potatoes. I rough dice them in my hands, (that's how I like to do it) straight down onto the bacon below!  Of course with the bacon fat for flavor, I simple season the potatoes with course ground black pepper, sea salt and just a few shakes of garlic powder (yes, I like powd

Blogging is not always easy

First of all thank you from the bottom of my heart, to anybody that is reading my blog! Secondly, I am having a hard time trying to figure this blogging thing out! So bear with me as I try to make improvements to my layout. I have not figured out how to add other blog buttons, etc. Would love to share. I have many ideas, just not really getting them onto the blog as easily as I thought I would, ha ha! You other bloggers make it look easy! I love to follow you! I hope I can figure this out!

Pretty Pullets

Introducing a few of  my pretty pullets! They are really enjoying the time they spend under my chokecherry bushes. The girls and a few boys about 30 in all, love to spend time out of their chicken run amongst my flowers and gardens free ranging and running to the back door for any vegetable or bread scraps I have to offer! I have been keeping chickens now, since spring of 2000. It is a most wonderful and rewarding hobby! I never fail to get excited to see how many pretty little eggs they have laid for me each day! Many of my friends, family, and neighbors refer to me as The Egg Lady. A title I happily wear with a smile and a sense of pride! Yes, you will here me blog about "My Girls" often, and so proud of my masterly looking Roosters, so strong proud and caring. Of course the fresh eggs are the biggest hit, with rich creamy dark yolks! Yummy. So, go ahead, and if you don't keep chickens and raise farm fresh eggs. I urge you to find your own local egg lady. It is a

Jumping In With Both Feet

I find myself a little apprehensive to start projects in my life. True to form, this blog is one of them. I believe it is this tiny voice inside of me that is afraid of being criticized. So I have to talk back to the voice and say, "Really? What is there to be so afraid of? Do your best and try it. As long as I feel my actions are a blessing to the people around me, or will bless me back, or most importantly, be a blessing to Our Heavenly Father, then I should just give it a shot." That is the green light. Don't let fear be your guide. Green light is on and I will pray that my blog is a blessing!