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Afternoon Lunchean Tea Party & Food Trays

Having a tea party is so much fun! Plenty of varieties of tea and even honey!  Being able to spend time with good friends and family  is such a wonderful thing. Fresh cut mandarin oranges and grapes are so refreshing. We recently had a fun tea party with some of my dear family and friends ! Home made cucumber dill chips in red wine vinegar. My momma and I put together these fun foods to honor one of my sisters for her birthday. Who doesn't love Chocolate Covered Strawberries?  I am not sure which is more fun... preparing the tea party , or partaking of the tea party!! Lettuce and whole wheat turkey and ham wraps. My sister was really happy with her party. Beautiful dish of Momma's Best Deviled Eggs. Good healthy snacks even for gluten intolerance and no-sugar diets. Pretty store bought cookies and some sugar-free, too! Our kids thought it was the most fun ever!   We had everyone dress up and wear a hat

Spring Time Joy

Hello there! Have you been enjoying Spring time this year? I am so happy that we are finally having some nice weather and haven't had any snow for a few weeks!! Yay!!  I have had some time spent with some of my favorite people and enjoying a conversational cup of tea. A tea party can be just the thing one needs to stir up some smiles and fun conversation. We are getting ready for my daughters Graduation Party, so having fun with my mom and sisters deciding what kind of goodies to make. It will be here in two weeks! She already had one Graduation for her Associates Degree from college last week. It was so exciting. Next week, she will have her Graduation from High School. She is Summa Cum Laude. A very amazing feat and all of 17 years old.  Please pardon me a moment while I brag, because I am a very proud Momma. My whole family are all so proud of her hard work and accomplishments, too. We are just so excited to celebrate her achievements!! I sure bee