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Striped Crochet Scarf & Dachshund Puppy

This week I was working on a really cute scarf. I crocheted it with orange and black yarn for a really great October look. Being that my daughter's favorite color is orange this scarf was perfect for her! I found the free pattern  here which you can use by clicking on the link from  Red Heart . They call it the Super Easy Scarf Crochet Pattern, and it really is pretty simple to make.  (*updated 11-12-12 : I have since figured out that this is simply what is known as a moss stitch. Two rows one color, two rows the next. That is what creates this cute zig-zag. After your base chain, you simply do a single crochet in second third chain and then a chain, single crochet in space, chain, repeat ending in a single crochet, chain two and turn, repeating working the single crochet in each space. For a tutorial there are many U-tube videos, or Google Moss Stitch Crochet.) I am happy I can make this for my girl! We chose it because of the zig zag look to it. Looks great Orange

Give Aways and Party Fun

Monday morning is a good morning! Today I went to visit one of my favorite new blogs, Old Time Farm House . This is Cindy's new blog she also has Old Time Pickers which is her other blog about her wonderful finds she picks up. Cindy is such a wonderful craft designer and transformer of old items into new treasure! And to prove my point look at this!   Isn't it beautiful? I have to announce that I was the happy winner of her first give away! Yes, this is what Cindy made and will be sending me! Now, I know you must be thinking.. "Why can't I win something like that?" Well, you can, because her new blog, Old Time Farm House has a new monthly party and give away! Yes, not just a party , but a give away !  So if you want to join in, it will be on the first Monday of every month. See, I told you Mondays were good! I had so much fun at this party hop, and there are three catagories! So I am sure you can fit in! Pickers - flea market, thrift shop, curbsid

From Mud to Sweetness

How was everyone's weekend? We had a rather rainy and damp weekend here. Saturday morning, I had Bear's monthly appointment with his wonderful dog groomer. I had brushed out all his long thick Pekingese hair just before I took him for his beauty appointment, because I always like to take him in freshly brushed.  When I was going outside the steps were so extremely covered with ice that I dropped Bear's leash. So that I could grab the rail and not slip. I made it down safely, but being the rascal that he wanted to be, Bear ran around the house to the back. The chicken yard gate was open and the chickens were out in the yard eating. He ran after all of them chasing them around the coop and through the garden, etc.  It was really wet out, and he finally got a hold of one poor hen that he cornered up to a fence. Here he is all full of mud and twigs, pinning down the chicken. I was so mad at him! So I took him off the terrified girl, and put him in the c

Antique Folding Chairs

 I had a good time  "Getting My Thrifting On"!  I just had to make a trip to my favorite thrift store to see what might show up.   As I walked through, kinda looked through the dishes. No Pyrex as usual, not any fun vintage table cloths, etc. Wandered around looking at all kinds of stuff, but you know nothing too great was jumping out at me. So just as I make my rounds back to the furniture and lamps etc, for the 2nd time. I see them unloading these folding chairs. I tell my daughter, "Look at what they are putting out!" There were these two cute little chairs, and I knew I had to get them in my basket fast! Okay, I degress here.. Isn't it funny how when you see something that you know you love, you feel like you have to jump on it and fight others off? Or is that just me? LOL, it's like I have to defend my find! So my daughter is learning this behavior as well, because this particular thrift store we have women trying to take things out