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Merry Blessed Christmas

Merry Christmas! I hope you are enjoying this Christmas season! What ever you do whether it be crafting, shopping, decorating, baking, etc... May you be so very blessed and enjoy it! Spend time with the people that you love. Let them know that you love them. Be a blessing in someone elses life. Let yourself be the gift. Giving of a smile a hello is sometimes enough for a stranger to be very touched. I know this has been such an emotionally tough year for me. I haven't been blogging like I used to. Sometimes, I think that I have nothing to offer here. But what I do know, is that this has opened up a whole different world of blessings to me. I really started my blogging journey with the thought that I hoped to be a blessing to someone. Even if it was in the smallest way. And of course, to bless my heavenly Savior. The thing I didn't expect was all the blessed people I would come across and be a blessing in my life as well! Thank you. Thank you for taking the time

Chocolate Coconut Drops Recipe from Little Susie Home Maker

Do you like recipes for candies? I want to share with you this wonderful candy recipe. I have loved making these for years. It is a very fun and simple recipe and the results are very yummy. I redid the image and decorated it up with my editor. It came from The Betty Crocker's Boys and Girls Cookbook . I love this vintage cookbook and it has great recipes. Hope your Christmas includes a few sweets! Blessings, Little Susie Home Maker

Let It Snow

Merry Christmas! How is everyone doing? I sure hope all is good. Are you ready for Christmas?  I am spreading some Holiday Cheer today! I want to share this cute Christmas video. It really is a very wonderful version of "Let is Snow" sung by the cast of Star Trek Next Generation ! Now I know many of you may be thinking, "No thanks!" But I really do urge you to watch this. I am almost positive it will make you happy! So here it is:  I really have to give this guy, James Covenent, a hand that put this together! Hope this brightened your day! Blessings, Little Susie Home Maker