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Maybe I'm Just "Small Fry"

Ever feel like you are too small to matter? Maybe just not good enough, or strong enough, smart enough, big enough? Don't! Everyone matters.  Be a "Good Egg" with a "Heart of Gold" Phil 4:13................"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Blessings, Susie

Google Changes & Followers

March 31, 2012 Google will be making many changes..  As I visit my favorite blogs, I see many comments and confusion .  I am also confused, but have decided to post some links here on this post and hope that maybe some of this confusion can be filtered through.  I know that we all care about our blogs and our followers and the blogs we follow. Please feel free to add any comments that may help us figure this out. QUESTION: Do we need to add a google+ account? yesterdayontuesday chicgeek, tech tips techcrunch   Blessings, Little Susie Home Maker

Bear's Fashion Debut

Bear's Fashion Debut Introducing Baby Bear If you want to read more about Bear you can find him here. Please click on the above link! I am also linking with FURSday at Ruby Jean

Bear Love, My Pekingese Crocheted Sweater!

Baby Bear in his new crocheted red sweater! I have crocheted a cute little red sweater for my pekingese, Bear!  I had an urge to make it, and was quite surprised at how it just came to develop off of my hook! Wow! I am quite pleased with how it came out!  He is a sweety and was so eager to wear his new little outfit that Momma made for him! He knows he looks pretty. Now of course he is it just so darn cute.. I can't stand it!    I love Bear, he was my Dear Hubby's Valentine gift to me three years ago, and he is truly a gift of pure love! I am so thankful for my Little Baby Bear! Loving my Bear with a new coat! Finding yet another way to love someone with yarn. Blessings, Little Susie Home Maker Linking to  Rednesday

Blessed Little Barn Fresh Eggs

My lovely hens are always supplying me with the best tasting eggs on the planet! And they are so pretty too, don't you think? The pale green basket I found at Hobby Lobby last spring, and I love it! Today I am thankful once more for the little red barn or the large red coop (which ever you prefer to call it), in the back yard. It has been built with love by my dear sweet husband! He is so good at this kind of stuff! I have to admit my girls have been a little "cooped up" this winter. They love the summer when I give them a lot of free time to wander through our yard to Free-Range. Getting back out of the gate, while they are trying to bust out is kind of comical! But on these warm winter days, they still have plenty of there own chicken yard space and love greeting me and eating any scraps I have to offer! Thank you girls for todays eggs! Blessings, Little Susie Home Maker Linking to  Rednesday

Dotty Swap

  There is a new swap in Blog Town!  Dotty Swap at Cutie Pie Cottage, and Holly is hosting one for the very first time! I have decided to join and you can too. So get on over there and check out the details. One thing for sure, it is going to be fun! Thanks Holly! Blessings from Little Susie Home Maker

Computer needs suntan lotion!

 Guess What? My computer is on vacation. I will make it sound like a nice thing. I guess that is another way of saying "not working"! So while it is resting, I will try to be a creative blogger, and send a little note out to say... I just can't wait to show you my next sewing project. I am making something that I need. So I will be figuring out how to make it fun! That will be more fun when I will be able to share pictures!  I also will let you know I am enjoying cooking in my newly remodeled kitchen! It has been so nice to have an operational kitchen again, yay! Also, my chickens are staying cozy and warm in their coop, even though another snow storm is blowing in tonight! ..Brrrr.. The children are getting back to the Spring semester of school. Hubby is busy at work, and I need to get settled into some routine again. As with the beginning of every year, I want to dub this the year I will be organized!  But honestly, I just hope it is the year that I reall

Blessed 2012

Wishing everyone a very Blessed 2012! Looking forward to an new excitng year with many Blessings to be thankful for. Love each other and Give God the Glory! Little Susie Home Maker