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Charlie Browm & Lucy Bubble Bath Fun

Remember bubble baths as children? I remember having a big tub of bubbles and then a big puff of bath powder that my mom would pat me down with. It always made baths so much fun! I still think an amazing bubble bath and powder are wonderful. But those childhood memories just made them seem like moments of fun and love! And then there we these two. I found that with Peanut characters, people either love them or think they are little brats. Today I have a great little pair of Vintage Avon Charlie Brown and Lucy Bubble Bath containers to show you I found these a few years back from a charming elderly lady at her yard sale. She did not want me to pay much for them. She also wanted me to have a few other neat items, that I will show you at another time. I believe she thought we (my children that were toddlers) would make a good home for her little trinkets. That is what she called them, "Trinkets". She said she had them since they were new, and only wanted

Quinch Your Citrus Thirst, LemonLimeAde

Hello Dear friends. Today I want to share a recipe for LemonLimeAde, it can be made with sugar or sugarfree, or Lemonade or Limeade. However you mix it up, It will be simple and great tasting!  I will also talk about re-hydration a little. With summer time in full swing, and temperatures hotter than ever, it is so refreshing to have an ice cold glass of something Citrus! Lemons and limes are so plentiful and they are perfect sliced and added to ice water, or iced tea.  But beside being delicious for a thirst quenching taste. They are also so good for you.    If you are like me, then you may be spending quite a bit of time outdoors in your yard and garden. Don't forget a quick pick me up of a hydrating drink, it is such a replenishing need for you.   So have some citrus fruits, lemons, limes, and orange slices on hand to add to your favorite drink, or even just add it to your water. Not only will you be hydrating yourself,  but cleansing out toxins and addi

Homemade Hummingbird Feeder & Recipe

The other day, I was looking out the window at one of our new tube bird feeders. I didn't think about it's bright red color when I bought it. Just thought it was pretty. Well we had been really having some of the most terribly windy days recently. My old feeders were blowing in the wind, and came crashing down. Needless to say, a few new feeders were in order. source Unfortunately, I hadn't replaced the hummingbird feeder. I noticed a humming bird fly about the red tube feeder! The tiny feathered beauty seemed disappointed to find only seed offered. source Well, I knew I needed to do something. So, I looked around and found this little old salt shaker. It is one of those tiny mason jar types with the handle. I figured I would try to make one out of it. Now, how would I do it? I decided to scrape out the holes with the small point of a steak knife and make the holes a more accommodating size. Then looked around and found a piece of red button hole elastic t