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Unforgettable - Sunset

Sunset - January 18, 2013 My heart is broken. I love you Daddy You are Unforgettable

He Really is Mr. Amazing

I sure think it is time for a cheerful post! I have been really busy with my Dad's recent heart attack and surgery. After my last update, I was so happy to read all of the oh so wonderful comments and all of the great support from you. Thank you! Yes, your prayers are good. My Dad had been having a heart attack that would not stop, and they did emergency surgery on him Saturday, January 5, 2013. The details are in this post here . After having another heart attack on the table they opened him up again, and then tried to stabilize him and sent him to an ICU room. Daddy stayed sedated and on a ventilator until Tuesday. He was slowly getting a little better.  Then on Wednesday, He flat lined at 11:00 am and it took over 2 minutes to bring him back, then he flat lined again at around 2:00 pm, then again at 3:00 pm. They manged to bring him back both times again. As you can imagine, this was all very stressful and scared us all very much. He was aware of what happened and had

Update on Daddy and his heart

To all my dear friends, Your thoughts and prayers mean more to me than you will ever know. This has been really bad. My dad had been having an on going heart attack for three days. They had to do emergency surgery. He was in surgery for 7 hours. He had three bypasses. As soon as they closed him up he had another heart attack. They opened him again. They did their best to stabilize his heart rhythm. The surgeon came out and told us that he was only one step above death. It was the worse news possible. I have never been at a low any worse than this ever.  But my dad is the strongest and most faithful man I have ever known. He is a very great man, and if anyone has a direct link to the heavenly Father. I know he does. They went ahead and put him in his ICU room, let my mom and oldest sister go be with him. The surgeons, started becoming amazed. They said they had no reason to understand why he was living. He has been slowly improving. It is still very critical. But this morning he

Prayer request

I just got new that my dad has had a heart attack. I am on my way to town and the hospital to meet my mom. I please ask for prayers for this situation. And his healing. Thanks so much. Susie

2013 the Year of FOCUS

Hope your New Year is starting off good.  I am setting a few goals this year, as I am not one for "resolutions", but it is kinda the same. One thing I really want to do is more sewing.  I want to have fun with this and really have fun. Smaller projects, not too overwhelming. Because I tend to get side tracked and my interest wanders after a bit. Which brings me to another goal, and that will be to FOCUS. I am thinking maybe I should dubb this my "Word of the Year!" What do you think? I have a lot going on this year, and I really need to pay attention to monthly time frames, and deadlines. So Focus will help here.  start of 100 square crochet quilt Focus will also help me to finish what I start. That is another goal.  I need to also apply it to my crafting. I am terrible about not finishing my craft projects. So I want to go find an old project between new ones and try to complete them. This one is going to be tough for me. Does anyone else have

New Year Greetings 2013

Wishing you all happiness and good health in this New Year! Looking forward to a great year. Blessings, Little Susie Home Maker