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Blustery Day & Journal Swap

What a blustery day!  The kind that reminds me of Pooh Bear and his friends hanging on for dear life!  The wind has been blowing in tumble weeds from 3 counties over today! And the dust is flying for sure. Not the prettiest of Spring days. Sure to stir up some allergies.  Living out on the plains, I never feel too comfortable when these Spring winds and storms kick up. But I did manage to go outside and un-stick piles of tumbleweeds from the bases of the bushes. Be free tumbleweeds! It's kinda fun! I been working on a little quilt project for a swap.  I have never done any kind of quilting and decided this would be a fun way to wet my feet. I love to visit all my blogger buddies blogs that quilt and look at their talent. Cheryll from Gone Stitchin' is the Swap Mama of this fun swap.  She has the greatest blog so you must go visit her! She set me up with my partner Karen from Laughter in Quilts   Another great quilte

Little Susie Home Maker's Simple Chicken Pot Pie

It is still a little cold in the Spring and a Chicken Pot Pie hits the spot just right. I want to share with you my very simple recipe that will be a keeper for those days you want an easy homemade pie. It will make your family happy, and a dish you can be proud to serve. Now this Susie Home Maker likes to keep things simple so you will be happy to know this recipe only has 5 ingredients! Yes, that is it! That is because I take so many short cuts. Also, you can have this made from beginning to end in under an hour. So here it is: Little Susie Home Maker's  Simple Chicken Pot Pie 1 lb ground chicken 1 pkg Country Gravy mix (the kind used for biscuits and gravy) 2 cups water 1 small 12 oz pkg of frozen mixed veggies (peas, carrots & corn) 1 pkg of refrigerator crescent rolls Preheat the oven to 375* F. In a large skillet, start frying the ground chicken over medium heat. You can add 1 Tbs oil or water if you wish. When no longer pink, add t

Happy St Patty

I sure hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful St. Patrick's Day. I am part Irish, and think that this is a nice day to celebrate our Irish heritage. Started the day by making shamrock pancakes for the kids! They thought that was a fun thing to do. Did you make any fun green foods today? I also want to give a peek at something pretty. Something I have made from these pretty squares. I am finally taking a plunge into my interest to learn to quilt. This is a first step in that direction. How exciting! Well, it is a busy day and we are enjoying some much deserved sunshine. I pray you all have a very happy weekend! Now off to get my shamrock pizza! Yes, I am taking the easy way out tonight! Many Blessings, Little Susie Home Maker

Pretty Yarn

Hello everyone! I hope this finds you happy and healthy. I want to show you the pretty yarn that I bought. I liked the colors, happy and cheerful,  but still not to bright or harsh. My idea is to make a quilt. I start by making 100 circles for my 100 square quilt! This is going to be crochet. Here you see my progress so far with round two on most of the circles. Wish me luck! This is a big project for me.  Never have done something to this effect. Blessings to you! Little Susie Home Maker