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My Own Colorado Winter Wonderland

 Welcome to my Winter Wonderland! Come on over through the gate and take a look around! The trees are covered with a beautiful snow! I have been whisked up into a postcard of White! On heavy cloudy days it almost appears in shades of black and white!  The pine trees are so heavy in their strong branches as the weight from the snow weights them down.    Even the birds are staying in, no picnic today!    Planting a yardstick in the white powder is a fun way to measure how much snow we got on this particular day.  The trees and fence never fail to give my camera a pretty picture. I feel like a grand photographer!   It seems so silent and still. A quiet moment in this cold beautiful weather. But life has not stood still. Yes, I have to adventure out in this weather. The fog was very thick!  But when the sun comes out, all the snow crystals are divine!  God has painted a wonderful blanket in