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Giving and Receiving

We baked up a storm and made candies galore! We gave baskets of food and much much more! Our lives are abundant and the blessings are full. I was so happy to share with others this Christmas.  I know that receiving is fun, but I find giving so much more! The children and I had so much fun together creating love with food and crafts.  We listened to Christmas music and danced and sang.  It was fun putting our love in gift form. Thank God for giving us the the gift of His Son, and the joy of giving! With giving also comes receiving! That is a blessing as well.  Speaking of giving and recieving, that reminds me of Swaps! Swaps are such a fun part of the blogging community. We make new friends and share ourselves in really fun swaps.  Debby at  Cozy Blanket had such a fun swap called Cup Of Kindness. I hope you are following her blog already, but if not, she is a sweet woman with lots to share. She is a great crafter and she is a grandma and she is one of the n

Sandy Hook Elementary Prayer Chain

Christmas Treats Table Decorated

Hello everybody! I am so glad you have stopped by to visit. To all my new followers, I am just so pleased that you have decided to hop on board. It is about one week until Christmas and things are a bustle around here! Today I wanted to share with you my new little white tree that I decorated for the top of my goodies table. Yes, I have a goodies table and it it set up from Thanksgiving for all the pies and desserts, etc. Then I change the theme over to Christmas. I just fell in love with my moms little table top fiber optic tree, so I went and picked up a white one! I decided it would be so fun to get out some fresh cranberries and string them up on a nice heavy embroidery string. I used an upholstery needle and they just slid on effortlessly! Then I had to add candy canes! And yes they are for decoration, but feel free to take one off and eat it, or use it to stir your coffee or tea! Yumm!! Then to help with my pretty red and white theme, I had to add my pretty li