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Oh, my, I am just so happy! It is such a surprise to have received an award this week. The Kreativ Blogger Award. Do you know Dorothy and Wilma of Hensrule?  If not, then you have to visit Dorothy and her sweet dachshund's blog! Well, she just awarded me the honor and I am so pleased with her kindness. Dorothy is such a sweet heart and she has so many fun interest. She is a librarian as well! As a recipient, this award comes with responsibility.   I have to tell 7 things about  myself that other bloggers would find interesting. 1. I am easily entertained and laugh quite easily at the simplest and silliest of things! 2. I have won several ribbons for baking and confections at the Colorado State Fair! 3. I studied both Graphic & Fine Arts in College; painting, computer art, and pottery, among many forms. 4. I once broke a brick at a brick breaking demonstration at my daughters martial arts school, with no prior experience and no warning

Sunshine surprises!

Isn't it fun to be surprised? That was me this morning. I was over at one of my favorite blogs,  Twinkles, Tutorials & Twirls to see what she was posting about. I was so happy to find out she had been awarded a blog award! The Sunshine Award ! This is a nice award, and Estelle really deserves it! As I read through her list of favorite things, I was being quite entertained. Then at the end when she gave out her list of five blogs she was passing it along to, I saw Little Susie Home Maker on the list! Wow! That sure made my day! Now she had come by to visit me and let me know, but I hadn't read her comment to me yet! So it was really fun finding out this way. Thank you, Estelle! Please go visit her blog it is such a great blog with so many wonderful craft ideas. I don't know how she comes up with all her ideas, but they are always great! I now need to answer 10 questions and pass on the award to 5 blogs who brighten my day... 1) Favourite Colour ~ I have

Mother's Day 2012

My Mother - Anne Taylor In remembrance of the greatest childhood memories. Who fed me from her gentle breast, And hushed me in her arms to rest, And on my cheek sweet kisses prest? My Mother. When pain and sickness made me cry, Who gazed upon my heavy eye, And wept, for fear that I should die? My Mother. Who dressed my doll in clothes so gay, And fondly taught me how to play, And minded all I had to say? My Mother. Who ran to help me when I fell, And would some pretty story tell, Or kiss the place to make it well? My Mother. And can I ever cease to be Affectionate and kind to thee, Who was so very kind to me? My Mother. Have a blessed Mother's Day, Little Susie Home Maker

Susie's Jade-ite Collection

Hello! Hello! Today I am so excited, because I get to share with you one of my favorite things! It is green jadeite glass! I have been collecting a few pieces here and there for a little more than a decade or so. I haven't added to my collection for quite some time. Recently, I was blessed with a kitchen remodel. One of my favorite parts of this kitchen is the little built in china hutch. It may not seem fancy, just a cupboard with a dish rack underneath. But to me it is an exciting place for me to put my pretty things! My built in china cupboard. So recently, I was taking out my dishes, and trying to re-arrange and clean. I want to make the cupboard a little prettier. As I put the pieces on my dining room table, I looked and just had to take some pictures to share with my blog friends.  Before we had finished the kitchen (It still needs a few things, but mostly done), my pretty dishes had been stored away here and there. I hadn't seen them all out and together like