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Good Eggs and Good Jam

Today both of my children are in school, hubby has gone to work and here is the beginning of this next little time in my life. The summer has been quick and I am not ready for it to start winding down. I am that mom that is so happy when her kids are on break, not the one that can't wait until they go back. I often wonder why moms feel that way? The yard is dry and the allergens are kicking in again. Colorado is a beautiful area to live in when Fall comes. Hubby was helping get the Little Red Barn all cleaned out and ready for winter again. We needed to repaint the wooden floors. He will have to work on some new roosts that I want changed for making it easier to get in and out of this winter. Boy he is nice to do this for me! Here is a little of the mess that was inside that needs to find another place. Why did we put that in the coop? Junk outside my little barn that needs put somewhere else! I have a little nursery side I love to brood the chicks in. It is j

Bless My Blog Buddies

Hello! I am so pleased to have so many wonderful friends here that read my blog. You have all been such a huge blessing to me. I just want you all to know I am taking a short break, but not going away. Life has its times that are filled with unexpected turns. I am going through one now. I will need time to rest and heal, but when I am back I will be pleased to share again. Hopefully, it will be sooner than later. Until then, keep having fun between you. Keep smiling every day. God bless you, Little Susie Home Maker

Pekingese Surprise & Holt Rooster Cups

Don't you just love getting packages in the mail? A surprise from a friend, or maybe something you ordered. I know many of you love swaps!! I just had that wonderful feeling. The mailman left a package at the door, and I just felt so excited to open it up right away! My sweet friend Erica from Golden Egg Vintage is a real Vintage Junkie! Can I call you that Erica? She posted how she was wanting to give her readers first chance on some seriously cute Christmas vintage items. Because I am in so much need of more Christmas items, of course I had to get a box! Erica also has a  really charming Etsy Store . You must visit her shop. I did, and I also ordered some Holt 1961 Rooster mugs from her. They are just the right color and theme for my kitchen taste! I love anything that has to do with Chicken's since I am the local Egg Lady with my own hen's that lay wonderful eggs. Because Erica is just one of the kindest people you could know, she had somethi