Sunday, September 16, 2012

Vintage Doll-E-Crib, Chicken Scratch Embroidery and Color-Flyte Cream and Sugar Bowl

Not being able to go out and do some of my favorite things has been needless to say, a little frustrating. I have not been released to start driving as of yet. Friday when my daughter was taking us on some errands with her drivers permit, she made me so happy by driving me to two new thrift, antique stores in town. It was a fun day, and I am so thankful she is old enough to help me out like this!!

Ansco Vintage Doll-E-Crib 1950's
I found this to be kind of like a kid in the candy store kind of excursion! We went inside the first and I found this  vintage Ansco Doll-E Crib. Isn't it the greatest? I am guessing 1950's . It is made of metal. I think it was repainted white at some point, but the white is a little chippy with a pale yellow showing through.

Doll-E-Crib Lamb Decal
It has the cutest lamb and bunny decals on the headboard and the foot board. Look how sweet they are!!
Do you see the beads in the corners? Tactile fun for the toy and just cute. One is missing, so I think I can replace it. the crib also looks like maybe it might be missing some roller wheels on the legs. But that is fine with me.

Doll-E-Crib Decals lamb and bunnies

The bottom has a wire mattress, holder that is bent up a little. I can imagine a small child climbing inside of this crib! The side rail still functions and moves up and down and locks into place. 
This is going to be perfect to fix up with a new mattress and baby bedding. I will have to start planning what I want to do!! I will have a cute bed to put my childhood baby dolls into for display. Won't this be fun!

Light Blue Gingham table cloth with Chicken Scratch

Then the next thing I wanted to buy was this cute hand embroidered table cloth. it is the Chicken Scratch stitch that I adore! 

Look at the design that was brought out on the light blue gingham. I know somebody can tell me what this is called. It looks like a quilt block design to me? I think this is so pretty.

I really should have ironed it before I took pictures. I was so excited to be able to have something to share on my blog, I skipped this step!

 I thought the clothesline would be the perfect place to take the picture.

Then the last item I found was at the second store.They had lots of really high priced things in there, but I found these cute vintage Cream and Sugar bowls! I adore the lime green color, they are from a line called Color-Flyte. the actual name of the color is Spray-Lime.

Branchel LaMoyne Color-Flyte

I also, took the picture outdoors to get the best lighting! So no, I won't be displaying them on the tree stump! The bottoms read.. A BRANCHELL melmac Product el finest quality The Branchel Co. St Louis, MO, LaMoyne Designer 

This is great because in an article I found here . This dates the cups between 1952-1958. The designer Kaye LaMoyne achieved his greatest success designing melamine dinnerware for the Branchell Company, before it was sold to Lenox in 1958. If you are looking to find out some history on your Melamine. This is a good link to follow for more information and history of the company and designer.

My afternoon was a fun distraction. I was pleased to find some fun vintage items that I can enjoy. You will have to let me know if you know anything else about these items I found.

May you all be blessed and filled with joy and happiness.

Little Susie Home Maker
Harley wanting his best friend, Bear to come in and play!

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  1. I popped over to say hello and thank you for coming my way! I have been ``restrained`` from driving for most of the summer post surgery :( and so relate to your situation! Hugs,

  2. Well, how nice for ya to get out and about. Chicken scratch...that design is so pretty that you found. I used to do that years ago and enjoyed it so. Maybe I need to start again!

  3. It looks like you had fun! I love that baby bed... I can't wait to see the bedding you make for it.

    Amy Jo

  4. I love that tablecloth, too. I sure would have snatched that up! Good finds.

  5. That baby doll crib is adorable! You will have so much fun getting it ready for your 'babies'. The tablecloth is absolutely perfect and you could use it for other projects like a pillow top or cushion cover! Super sweet!

  6. Susie, I can't wait to see your photos of that baby bed filled with your sweet dollies! You are certain to recall many happy childhood memories as you prepare the bedding and arrange each doll "just so" for your display.


  7. Oh, the doll crib is so cute!! Love the decals!! Glad you were able to find some treasures. ;) xo Heather

  8. How lovely is your daughter to take you shopping! I too would be pleased to find those treasures!

    Take care and hugs,

    Estelle xx

  9. Oh I'm so glad that you were able to get out a little! I know how good that feels after being cooped up! The crib is so cute! And isn't it fun to research your finds (like your dishes) and learn about their history?
    I hope each day finds you feeling a bit better :)

  10. What Great Finds ! Glad you are feeling better!

  11. Love that doll crib! Thanks for visiting and leaving the nice comment on little Ellie. She is a sweeetie! I can't wait to see her again!!

  12. WOW!!!!! what awesome finds you found!!!! they are fabulous and wonderful! : ) So happy you are no longer under the weather! So happy for you and so thrilled that your finds were amazing!!!! (come over and share at Junkin Joe if you have the time on friday : ) Thank you for always being such a wonderful support and thrilled that you enjoyed the diy!!! sending tons of hugs and love your way!

  13. You got some wonderful finds! That tablecloth is downright lovely, gosh, you really had a good day!

  14. Hi Sweet Susie!
    Oh...what a sweet week of treasure hunting you have had. Your crib is so precious...the decals are just darling. It is in such good condition, too.
    I can only imagine the hours that went into creating such a lovely chicken scratch table cloth. It is such a pretty shade of blue.
    How I love the "please help me" look in the eyes of your puppy. Yes, he and his buddy need to be able to spend some time hanging out together.
    thanks for your adorable comment on my blog. You are a wonderful friend!
    Big hugs,
    Carolynn xoxo

  15. What great finds!!!! The darling crib and blue gingham quilt seem so perfect for each other. Glad that you are feeling better and on the mend.
    blessings to you.

  16. The sweet crib is just the cutest - what a precious place for your childhood dolls! The tablecloth is lovely -- a lot of work went into making it! The design looks like a quilt block called a "Lemoyne Star" or "Star Flower" -- I'm not a quilter but am somewhat familiar with the designs.
    Can't wait to see what you do with the crib!

  17. Hi from your newest follower! Cute blog you've got here!! I look forward to reading more in the future. Darling crib by the way!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day :)

    Heather from

  18. Yay, happy to hear your daughter helped you have a fun day! Love your sweet finds, especially those gorgeous green pieces ~ what great color. Hope you continue feeling better and better:)


  19. your blog is very nice too. I'm following now. I love the crib and it's making me think of my baby crib I had as a kid and my children slept in it too. It was a big picture of a bunny and a lamb at the end. I wish I had kept it or at least the headboard. I still have a pic somewhere of the bunny and lamb.
    I love dolls.

  20. Oh my what the best finds!! The crib is so cute, and the the colors!!!


  21. I did it: I moved my blog - hope you'll visit when you get a chance:

    <3 Conny

  22. Thanks for visiting me and commenting at I'd love it if you linked up some of your great ideas at One Creative Weekend on my site. The party is open Fridays-Wednesdays every week. Hope to see you there!

    The decals on that crib look so familiar. I must've seen them at my Grandparent's home. What fun memories they bring back!

  23. OHhh what fun goodies you've got there! Love the sugar and creamer, GREAT COLOR! REALLY love that Chicken Scratch though :) GREAT COLOR ON THAT, TOO! Not sure what pattern it is, Ohio Star, Maybe?? Def looks like a quilt pattern.

    Awesome Goods!

  24. LOVE your tablecloth!!! Oh how pretty it is and the clothesline is the perfect place to show it off.

    Thanks for popping over and leaving such a sweet comment!


  25. Hey Suzie! that dolly bed is so beautiful! I saw one recently and wanted it so badly, but it was priced too high for my wallet. Nice table cloth. We must have some ESP going on. I posted about a hand appliqued table cloth not long ago. Glad you were able to get out and about a little.

  26. I have to drag my girls to the thrift shops - you're lucky your daughter drives you there! Love the way you photographed your finds - the clothesline is the perfect backdrop - as is the log!

  27. Hi Susie I love everything of course but the sugar and creamer is darling! Imam so so very sorry you're still not up to par, I hope you get to feeling good again. It's no fun being sick. That is one thing good about blogging it is much more personal than FB. Have a very happy sleep on the first day of Fall. Hugs

  28. I used to do chicken scratch, too. It's lots of fun and this is so pretty. Thanks for sharing. Linda

  29. Hi-I noticed you are my newest follower and had to come take a stroll around your blog. I think we are cut from the same cloth!! This little doll crib and the chicken scratch embroidery are irresistible. I'm so happy to be following you as well and can't wait to read more!

  30. This is so so awesome!!!!! What amazing finds my friend!!!! So glad you shared them over at Junkin Joe...sending you tons of hugs!!!

  31. Hey there, girl! I sure thought I already followed your blog but I guess not! Well, now I do! I LOVE your baby bed! I'm always on the look out for the perfect one! What's funny though is that I don't collect dolls and I avoid babies if I can! (Said the mother of four and grandmother of 4 more!)

    Anyway, I look forward to catching up! ♥

  32. Un blog muy lindo y ameno, te sigo,bs.


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