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Antique Folding Chairs

 I had a good time
 "Getting My Thrifting On"!
 I just had to make a trip to my favorite thrift store to see what might show up. 
 As I walked through, kinda looked through the dishes. No Pyrex as usual, not any fun vintage table cloths, etc. Wandered around looking at all kinds of stuff, but you know nothing too great was jumping out at me.
So just as I make my rounds back to the furniture and lamps etc, for the 2nd time. I see them unloading these folding chairs. I tell my daughter, "Look at what they are putting out!"
There were these two cute little chairs, and I knew I had to get them in my basket fast! Okay, I degress here.. Isn't it funny how when you see something that you know you love, you feel like you have to jump on it and fight others off? Or is that just me? LOL, it's like I have to defend my find!
So my daughter is learning this behavior as well, because this particular thrift store we have women trying to take things out of our basket quite often! Yes, really we do!  So she helps me start to pick one up, and we have hardly looked very hard before I have her hands on one and mine on the other, because yes, we already have people smiling and coming over saying do you want those? Well, yes, that is why we are trying to man handle them into our baskets! Haha!
 See these really neat cast iron hinges? They are not only beautiful, but heavy! The hinges work great and do not stick at all. They move so smoothly.
  The chair on the left is a chair and the one on the right is a rocker. They are pretty small, but surprisingly comfortable. I am not sure if they are school chairs, or from a theater or maybe a courtroom? But they are in really good shape. The hinges and the wood look great. They are missing a couple of bolts that I will have to replace.
Antique Chairs
 I am thrilled with the compact size of these, as I can keep them with out using up a ton of space. I put the rocking chair in a corner in my living room, and it is sturdy and very supportive for my back. I like it quite a bit. Does anybody think they know anything about these? I think they were a great find, and I am extatic! Price for both of them..$21

Have you found any great thrifting items lately? Do people want to sweet talk them away from you?

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  1. Right time--right place! They are WONDERFUL!!!!!

  2. These are really cool looking. I can see you politely, but firmly letting people know that these were all yours. Ya do what ya have to. I'm wondering if these were originally bolted to a floor in an old building and the wooden strips were added to the legs to make them sturdy after they were taken out.

  3. Beautiful find! It's hard to find good things at the thrift stores here where I live. However, I do find some neat things at estate sales, yard sales and flea markets.

  4. Wow! You scored real "antiques" at the thrift store!That never happens!
    Great job! The chairs are so cool! :)


  5. I think they originally were school desk chairs...I have an old school desk which is very similar...but, wow, what a great find. Thanks for visiting me...and following!!

  6. These are very cool chairs! I hate going thrifting because I never seem to find anything. Maybe I should go with you!

  7. I love hearing about good finds, and these chairs definitely fit that description. Enjoy!

  8. What a great find!! The chairs are very cool AND the price!!! Now that's a hard one to beat!


  9. nice post thanks for sharing..i found you thrue other bloggers..looking for to visit more..blessings

  10. Such cute chairs!! I am participating in a giveaway this week you may like. Check it out.

  11. Great find! I'm glad nobody tried to take them from you and for $21 definitely a steal!

  12. I've never seen chairs like that before and find them very interesting. I really like that one is a rocker too! What a great find!

  13. Great finds, indeed. I am sure you did have to fight off people for those beauties. What is your plan for them?
    blessings to you.

  14. Hi Susie, I had to laugh when I read your post, I've never heard of anyone taking stuff out of somebody else's buggy!!I'm afraid I might have freaked out! :-)
    I have never seen chairs like those, they are unique and very pretty! You got a good find!
    Smiles, Dorothy

  15. Oh ya those thrift stores can be rough you almost have to go in in combat uniform. I take to putting stuff in my basket and then covering it up with a towel or something so people can't see it, I have had my whole cart taken before....But, you prevailed, what a great once in a life time find!


  16. Cool Finds!They remind me of old school auditorium seats.

  17. These chairs remind me of something from old school days. Where have you decided to set them in your home?

  18. What great finds Susie! I have never seen such unique chairs as those and what a bargain price!

    Hope you are well, hugs, Estelle xx

  19. I love going to thrift stores! Thanks for visiting and for following. I am following you as well. Look forward to seeing more of your fantastic finds!

  20. wow luff luff luff these and awesome find for the $$

  21. You basically stole these old school desk chairs. They stop production of these in the thirties. Originally they were bolted to the floor with a small desk in front. Some will have a desk top attached to the back of the chair part for the student sitting behind. I want to go treasure hunting with you!

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  22. I am so glad that Donna gave some background on your chairs! I love sure to show us a picture when you get them bolted to the floor!!! lol Hugs, Penny

  23. Hi Susie Q!
    Those are just the cutest little school house chairs...and, just look at the rocker! What fun you will have using them for seating little ones and just decking them out with quilts and teddy bears.
    Have a great weekend,
    Carolynn xoxo

  24. Awesome find! Love the wrought iron, they're fabulous!!

  25. Those are amazing. I was at a community yard sale once and found a small chair, similar to yours. I don't think mine folds though. When I got it back to my Moms, she told me it was an old school desk chair. I have always kept it in the corner of my living room as a plant stand. You really got an awesome deal! Cheers.

  26. Susie, what an awesome find - lucky you! I love 'em!! It seems my husband and I need to pack up the camper for a "Road Thrifting Trip" your way - you seem to always find the BEST stuff... of course, I also get the 'go and grab it before somebody else does' feeling ;-) We might be elbow to elbow ;-) Happy weekend to you!

  27. Susie your chairs are GREAT. Love the look. You really scored big.
    Hope you are enjoying your day.

  28. Wow! What great chairs you found. Aren't you lucky you spotted them as they were being unloaded. Love that! I too love to look around at some resale stores we have in our area. I too am possesive of what I find. Never had anyone try to take my things, though, lol! Enjoy your chairs!Thanks for the nice comments and visiting my blog:)

  29. Score!!! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. Sorry It's taken me a while to get here and say thank you xo

  30. What cute chairs! When my kids were small I wanted some like that for the play room. We always have to fight off people at the DI. There are several people who are there every single day at opening...we call them DI Pirhanas...any thing new is snatched up by them and put in their carts whether they intend to buy them or not...just as long as they get first crack at everything. Way to win that battle! =D

  31. Those chair are a great find!!! I'd have snapped them up in a minute too! Laura

  32. Oh they are GORGEOUS!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them! What a find!!! SUSIE SCORES!!!! : ) sending hugs!!! Thanks for sharing on Junkin Joe! : )

  33. What wonderful finds! The wood looks like it is in great condition, too. I remember how smooth the wood was on these...back in the olden days! You just never know what you'll find...that's the fun of it! I found a book I had been looking for this week! I'll blog about it soon! heehee! Hugs!


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